Help with Chromebook from top experts 24/7

Chromebook is a relatively new but already popular laptop that runs on Chrome OS. This operating system is based on Linux, which means that macOS and Windows programs don’t run on this device. That’s why Chromebook users regularly face difficulties finding computer experts who can consult about their devices and help them solve software issues or repair hardware parts. 

Help with Chromebook from top experts 24/7

Howly makes it easier for every Chrome laptop fan to reach a specialist who can help. We offer full 24/7 access to 1000+ professionals who can provide you with any technical advice, including full Chromebook support. Moreover, we can match you up with highly specialized experts who have years of experience fixing Chromebook issues only. 

Problems our Google Chromebook support specialists can solve 

Here is the list of the most common Chromebook issues that Howly experts can successfully fix at a distance:

  1. Problems with logging in;
  2. Chromebook regularly crashes and freezes up; 
  3. Slow work or other performance issues;
  4. Unknown file type error messages;
  5. Chromebook can’t connect to Bluetooth; 
  6. Webpages don’t load;
  7. Chromebook connects only to Google services; 
  8. The battery is not charging;  
  9. Chromebook can’t find a camera; 
  10. Problems using the second monitor. 

If you have faced one of these issues, you can try to search for ways of solving it in the Chromebook User Guide. But if you don’t want to spend hours seeking an answer, start chatting with Howly experts and gain clear instructions from them in minutes. 

Need Chromebook recovery? Meet computer experts with experience in Google Chromebook customer service on Howly 

Our experts can help you remove and reinstall your Chromebook OS if it doesn’t work correctly. They also will take care of your data and prevent your important files from being erased. 

Here are 3 critical signs that it’s time to recover your Chrome OS or reset your device to the factory settings: 

  • You see an error message that OS is damaged or missing;
  • Your Chromebook shows low performance and continuously crashes and freezes up;
  • Something else goes wrong every time you use your Chromebook. 

Get any Chromebook help online

We are sure that consulting with another human being is always more helpful than reading a Chromebook manual. 

On Howly, you can get full Google Chromebook support from the comfort of your home. Our experts solve anything possible to fix at a distance, like helping you find and download any app you want or adding necessary extensions. Also, they are not afraid of challenging tasks like online hardware diagnostics and further repair. 

So if you need an expert who can fix any issues with your Chromebook within arm’s reach, Howly is the right place for you.         

What else? Assistance with choosing Chromebook models

If you are just thinking of purchasing your first Chromebook or want to find the model that will satisfy all your needs without spending hours on the Chromebook Guide website, our experts can help you make the right choice. They know everything about existing Chromebook models, their features, and prices. 

Assistance with choosing Chromebook models

Here are examples of questions about Chromebook our experts can answer in minutes:

My Chromebook screen was rotated. How can I get it back to normal? 

Some Chromebooks can automatically switch to landscape or portrait mode, just like most smartphones. To get it back to normal, press Ctrl + Shift + refresh. 

I want to update my Chromebook. How can I do that?

Most Chromebooks auto-update to the latest version of Chrome by default. If you can’t update your Chromebook for some reason, make sure that automatic updates are not stopped on your device. To check it, go to Google Admin console, find Auto-update settings and make sure that Allow updates are selected. 

How can I make a hard reset of my Chromebook? 

First, turn off your device. After that, press and hold the Refresh and Power buttons. Then when your device starts up, release the Refresh button. 

Haven’t found an answer to your questions about Chromebooks on this page? Send us a chat message! Our Chromebook experts are always available to you.