Updated: April 05, 2023
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My Chromebook is on but the screen is black can you help me

There is no damage to the Chromebook. Is there a keystroke or something it is fully charged and and I cannot restart it or turn it off

Hello, thank you for using our service, my name is Christine I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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Nice to meet you Christine
I am on my smartphone right now
This is an Acer Chromebook 315
The item we are working on


Got you!
So you can not turn it off, right?

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Honestly I don't know if I can or I can't I can't see the screen
I just held down the power button and the light did not go out that is how you can tell if it's off correct?
Do you want me to connect it to the power source?
It should be fully charged I charged it for 6 hours

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If you can not turn off your device then the best course of action is to disconnect it from the power source and allow the battery to drain

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I do not overcharge it or charge it when it's battery is
I have done that before
I don't charge it until the battery is low
And then I do not overcharge it or hard wire it
Believe it or not I'm 68 most people my age don't like technology or understand
As you probably understand

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My father was chief engineer of a radio station I learned about that when I was very young actually all my life so I know about that and I just naturally went towards the computers and they started coming out
I used to fiddle with radios and TVs and such. You probably don't remember when TVs and radios had tubes in them LOL

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I was one of the first kids to have a transistor radio
And of course I had to open it up and figure out what it was about
I'm getting ready to rewire a lamp in my home
And in case you didn't realize I am a woman

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That is very impressive that you are so interested in technology! You do not see that every day!

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I have a tool chest and I've got every tool that is necessary for any type of thing
Any job I have Salve and wrenches and screwdrivers and tape measures and you name it I've got it
Saws not salve

Now let's get back to your Chromebook. So when you pressed the power button for like 5-10 seconds it didn't turn off?

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LOL yeah that is why we're here right
I didn't press it that long let me try that okay just one second

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By golly that
Now should I try turning it back on? Or should I wait a little while
I know sometimes it needs to read Morgan eyes its memory

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You can try to turn it on

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All the little thing is need to rearrange themselves
I forget what they're called LOL
Oh my gosh it worked thank you so so much
I am so grateful now I don't have to buy a new computer so so happy happy happy happy happy!!!
I tried going to a store first and they wanted me to pay $45.99
What are those little things in the memory that have to rearrange and go back in order I can't remember can you tell me?

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Write write thank you so much now I'll remember that forever like I have to write names down to remember them or I don't remember people's names LOL thank you

You are very welcome!

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