How we check our experts

We vouch for every expert you deal with on our platform and guarantee that all of them are real professionals. We created a unique 4-step verification process for each person who wants to provide advice on Howly to ensure excellent online assistance for our members.
This process consists of the following stages: interview, diplomas and license check, hard skills test, and soft skills test.

4-step verification process

Only experts who have successfully passed all the 4 steps of our verification process gain access to consulting Howly members.

Step 1. Interview

We start with a video call with each expert who wants to join our site, during which we interview them and collect information about their education, specialization, and previous working experience.

Step 2. Diplomas and license check

Then we ask experts to send us their diplomas, licenses, and certifications to prove their qualifications and carefully check each document for authenticity.

Step 3. Hard skills test

After that, we require our future experts to pass the hard skills test to prove their competence. Renowned professionals we know and trust created these tests for each expert category presented on Howly.

Step 4. Soft skills test

Howly is about service. We want to provide our members with friendly and accurate answers to their questions and resolve their issues as soon as possible. That's why we pay great attention to the communication skills of our experts. The final soft skills test includes one more interview, stress test, role plays, and simulations.

Follow-up audit

We understand that excellent service doesn't stop at engaging the best experts. That's where it starts.
So we regularly ask our members to give us feedback about experts they dealt with and use other available ways to conduct a follow-up audit.
These ways include mystery shopping, peer-to-peer reviews, and a quality assurance algorithm that automatically removes experts who provide our members with low-quality answers from Howly.
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