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Here you can find top technicians, engineers, and other experts who can solve computer problems at a distance. They are real gods of Mac and PC troubleshooting.

No matter what issues with the computer you face – troubles with software installation, computer equipment problems, or other PC and Mac issues – there is someone who can advise you on our site.

Efficient PC & Mac Troubleshooting with Howly

Thanks to the rapid development of new technologies, our devices are becoming smarter. IT industry giants such as Microsoft and Apple work tirelessly to improve their products and regularly delight PC and Mac users with new updates. But still, all modern computers have problems, and it doesn't matter if you prefer Windows or macOS devices. However, there is nothing to worry about with a troubleshooting guide from Howly specialists!

Our experts offer the best and fastest solutions to any technical problem. Over 1 000 certified professionals help our clients 24/7. Moreover, Howly experts imply accurate troubleshooting techniques to solve problems with PCs, Macs, and other devices as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our clients deserve the best service, which is why we work only with top professionals who have all the skills and power to solve any computer issue.

Quick Computer Problems Solutions from Howly Experts

Don't know how to fix your computer? An online consultation service is the best option. After all, you don't have to take your PC or Mac to a service center and pay big money to fix computer issues. You just go to the Howly website, tell the experts about your problem, and get step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. We can fix any, even the most severe, Mac and PC issues. Here is a list of the most common problems Howly deals with:

  1. PC can’t detect the mouse;

  2. Computer unexpectedly shuts down or restarts;

  3. Printer stops printing intermittently;

  4. Mac laptop battery is swollen;

  5. Blue screen of death;

  6. PC makes a lot of noise;

  7. Internet or network connection problems;

  8. Water in the keyboard;

  9. Mac backlight isn’t working;

  10. Black screen error.

The list of computer problems solved by Howly isn’t limited to these issues. We have solutions for any PC and Mac breakdown. So feel free to ask your questions. We’ll be happy to help you!

Most Common Problems with Mac and PC

Most problems with PC and Mac are related to the malfunctioning of the operating system, broken parts, and mechanical damage. We can find out the exact cause only after careful troubleshooting. The process of device reanimation takes place through a live chat or online connection to your PC or Mac. Thus, Howly experts provide you with clear solutions and solve your problem here and now. Meet the most popular PC and Mac issues our customers frequently ask about.

How to protect my Mac from overheating?

If the temperature is consistently high, the device may start to turn off spontaneously. Here are the best solutions to the problem:

  • Reset SMC. Since the SMC also controls the fans, problems with the chip lead to their malfunction and cause overheating.

  • Provide adequate ventilation. The fans sometimes run at full speed if the air vents are blocked. Keep your Mac computer on a hard surface and avoid high room temperatures.

  • Clean up your Mac. You will need a compressed air tank, screwdrivers, and wipes. However, if you aren’t confident in your abilities, it’s better to take your Mac to a service center.

How to fix a MacBook Pro not charging issue?

This is a fairly common problem with both old and new Apple laptops. The first thing to check is the absence of small foreign objects and dirt in the charging connector. Inspect your device and remove dirt. Don't forget to turn off your computer. Also, MacBook often stops charging due to a broken power supply unit. You can check it by connecting a knowingly working accessory. Or try changing the outlet. If your MacBook stubbornly refuses to charge, the problem could be with the battery or the motherboard.

I can't hear audio on my computer. How to fix it?

The first step is carefully examining whether you have connected the cables and turned on the speakers and volume. If everything is fine, the missing sound may indicate a malfunction of the speakers or sound card. It may also happen that the problem is in the USB microphone. Then disconnect it from the USB port and restart your computer.

Fix Any Mac and PC Problem Easily 24/7

Problems with Mac and Windows PC may arise at any moment. Therefore, you should know how to solve them in the shortest possible time. And the best way to do this is to contact the Howly consultation service. Our skillful specialists have already fixed more than 10 million issues of various kinds and complexity. Moreover, you can solve your problem online and ask any questions you want. Howly will easily help you with any PC or Mac model. There's no easier way to fix problems with computers!

PC & Mac issues we can solve

  • I need someone who can fix Mac problems. My Mac can`t connect to the Internet.
  • My Windows PC repeatedly freezes. How to make it work better?
  • My computer asks me to update drivers. What should I do?

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