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There can be many reasons why your PC is not turning on. The “symptoms” can also differ – the computer may not turn on while the indicator lights are working, or vice versa. In any case, don’t rush to hand over your PC for repair. The operation of a computer depends on many factors: power supply, the work of the motherboard, cable, and battery. It’s worth taking several steps to understand the cause of the device malfunction. 

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Causes of a non-working computer 

The PC won’t power on for various reasons. The main features of this are:

  1. Computer doesn’t react in any way to attempts to turn it on or suddenly turns off;
  2. Black screen (the monitor doesn’t work);
  3. PC turns on, but Windows/macOS doesn’t boot;
  4. Power supply is switched off;
  5. Dust inside the computer;
  6. Computer beeps but doesn’t turn on;
  7. Motherboard is deformed;
  8. Severe overheating of the processor and/or video card;
  9. Power button doesn’t work;
  10. Power cord is damaged.
  11. Computer doesn’t turn on when a faulty keyboard and mouse are connected.

Note that very ofter there may be several signs that the computer isn’t working. This complicates the task of repairing it. Therefore, we advise you to contact our specialists to sort out the problem step-by-step.

How to repair a computer that shows no sign of power

We have prepared some tips for getting your сomputer working again:

  • Check power access to the computer: inspect the battery in the motherboard and cables;
  • Open the system block and carry out a visual inspection;
  • Replace the hard drive (a sign of its malfunction is a black screen);
  • Disconnect USB drives, card readers, printers, scanners, cameras, and microphones;
  • Start the system in safe mode;
  • Clean your computer from dirt and dust; 
  • Open the cover of the computer system unit and check the processor.

Howly experts can help you successfully complete any of these procedures. Just ask for assistance in our chat!  

Expert help with making your PC turn on again

If you’re wondering why your computer isn’t turning on, contact the Howly experts. We will determine why your PC won’t boot and give some tips to prevent such cases. We understand that a computer is an important thing and problems with it can appear at any time. That’s why our chat is available for you 24/7. Start a dialog with any message – and our operator will immediately connect to you. If you have additional questions about the motherboard or monitor – we will also help you find answers. Don’t rush to spend a lot of money on repairs or purchasing a new device – let us get your computer up and running again. 

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Still not sure why your device stopped working? Don’t hesitate to write to us in the chat – and we will solve this problem ASAP! We don’t have breaks and are always ready to help you! 

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Frequent questions from Howly users

Our clients often ask us how to fix a PC that won’t turn on. Here are the most frequently asked questions from Howly users on this topic. 

How to start the system in safe mode?

If you are using Windows, hold down the power button and turn on the computer again after a few seconds. 

If you are a Mac user – immediately after turning the computer on, press and hold the Shift key for a few seconds.

How to check if the computer screen is working?

Don’t rush to conclude that the computer is not turning on. Maybe it’s the monitor. Connect your computer to an external monitor. If an image appears on it, then the problem is in the computer monitor.

What to do if the Windows computer turns on but freezes at the beginning?

Most often, the reason for this lies in the BIOS settings. You just need to enter the BIOS and reset all parameters “Load BIOS Defaults”. After that, save and reboot your computer.