What to Do If Your ASUS Chromebook Doesn’t Turn On: The Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Updated: September 23, 2022

Table of Contents:

ASUS Chromebook Won’t Turn On: Possible Causes
Troubleshooting Methods: What to Do

  1. Internal Hardware Issues
    1.1 Swelling of the Battery
    1.2 Overheating of the Device
    1.3 Brightness Settings
  2. Charger Issues
    2.1 Check the color of a charging light
    2.2 Damaged Charging Cable
    2.3 Dust Inside the Charging Port
  3. External Hardware Issues
  4. Bonus Tips: How to Fix Chrome OS Problems
    4.1 Delete All Freshly Installed Apps
    4.2 Update Your System
    4.3 Sign out from Google Account
    4.4 Do the Hard Reset: software and hardware
  5. Seek the Professional Service
  6. Conclusion: What To Do If Your Chromebook Won’t Turn On

Chrome OS is a relatively new operating system. А lot of hardware and software are still not fully compatible with it. So don’t rush to buy a new laptop when you find out that your Chromebook won’t turn on — in most cases, this issue can be quickly solved at home. We have gathered a full list of possible solutions in one place.

ASUS Chromebook Doesn’t Turn On

ASUS Chromebook Won’t Turn On: Possible Causes

There are a few different reasons for this issue. You can troubleshoot most of them at home — just keep this article near you. There are 4 main groups of reasons why the ASUS Chromebook won’t turn on:

  • Problems with internal hardware.
  • Problems with the charger.
  • Something went wrong with external hardware.
  • Software issues.

Before going to the service center, try to fix these issues at home. They may turn out to be just minor bugs, so you won’t spend much time fixing them. In contrast, you may save a lot of money (more than $100) just by not going to the repair center. So, check out our recommendations on how to turn on an ASUS Chromebook and use them to solve your issue.

Troubleshooting Methods: What to Do

Don’t waste your time trying to find the solution on the forums. We have gathered a full list of troubleshooting measures in one place for you.

1. Internal Hardware Issues

One of the main internal hardware reasons for the “ASUS Chromebook won’t turn on” issue is some internal problems. Swelling of the battery and overheating of a laptop are the most popular and easily recognizable reasons for a “dead” device.

1.1 Swelling of the Battery

Check out if your Chromebook can charge or not. If the laptop battery doesn’t get higher than 1%, that means your battery is dead, and you need to change it with the new one. 

Another obvious sign is bulging somewhere in the Chromebook body (most commonly in the keyboard section). The main reason for such a dramatic shape change is a swelling battery.

Attention! Don’t try to replace a swelling battery at home. It’s too dangerous if you don’t have repair skills! Go to the nearest computer service center instead.

1.2 Overheating of the Device

If there are no active indicators when you try to turn on the Chromebook, but the device is very hot — it may be overheating, and that’s the reason why your laptop won’t boot. Turn off the laptop and take it to a cool place for at least 15-20 minutes. It will be perfect if you can leave the PC deactivated for 1-1,5 hours. During this period, your Chromebook will cool down to room temperature even if it’s too hot.

If it boots normally after this — it was an ordinary overheating. You can continue using your laptop. Just avoid placing it on soft surfaces, such as beds and cushions. 

Chromebook on the bench
It’s OK to work on the Chromebook while sitting on the bench. Just make sure that it won’t be under the sun too long: it may also overheat the laptop.

1.3 Brightness Settings

Also, you should try to check the brightness settings of your screen. It just may be dim. That’s one of the most popular reasons why the ASUS Chromebook won’t turn on. Many users accidentally set brightness to the minimum level. If the brightness of your screen is 0-10%, your display may look as if it shut off completely, but other parts of the system work normally. Try to place your laptop in a brightly lit place and change these settings.

2. Charger Issues

Charger issues on ASUS Chromebook

Before you go to the repair station, please check the charger of your laptop. It also may be the reason why Chromebook isn’t turning on. The laptop just didn’t have battery power inside of it. There are a few ways to confirm this.

2.1 Check the color of a charging light

Plug the power cord into the socket and the notebook. Check if it has a charging light near the charge port. If the indicator is not on — there may be a problem with the charger. Also, you need to check the indicator’s color — it may vary. The most popular color meanings are in the sheet down below: 

Color of the indicator Meaning
Slowly flickering orange The laptop is in sleep mode.
Solid orange The laptop has less than 20% of battery power.
Solid blue The Chromebook is working and it has a lot of battery power.
Solid blue and orange The laptop is charging.
No lights  The battery doesn’t have any power, or the laptop is turned off.

The easiest way to solve this “Chromebook won’t turn on” problem is to connect your device to another suitable charge cable. After you do this:

  1. Leave your laptop for 30 minutes or more, and try to turn it on again after. 
  2. If this doesn’t help — try to move the charger from side to side while it is still in the socket to find out whether your laptop “sees” this charger or not. If some lights turn on, maybe the problem is in your charger port. Take your laptop to the service center.  
  3. If no lights on your laptop turn on, proceed to the next step. 
Сharge indicator on the Chromebook

2.2 Damaged Charging Cable

Having noticed that your laptop is charging only when you hold the cord in an odd way? If so, your laptop has a problem with the power cable. It is another popular reason why a Chromebook won’t turn on. And the saddest part here is that you can’t solve this at home — you need to go to the nearest service center or tech shop.

2.3 Dust Inside the Charging Port

If you work at a dusty place, check the charging port. It may be clogged. Try to clean it: 

  • Turn on the hairdryer at its minimum power and coldest temperature.
  • Direct the airflow  from the hairdryer to the charge port for 10-20 seconds. It will be enough to remove the dust.

Warning: Don’t try to use your hairdryer at middle and maximum power and hot temperature. It can damage some sensitive microchips and other details of the laptop.

If this method does not help you — maybe some external hardware causes the problem. Check out the next chapter of the article to find lifehacks for this situation.

3. External Hardware Issues

If you have external devices connected to the laptop — try to unplug everything from it. By this, we mean all wired and wireless devices, including mice, external keyboards, and removable hard drives. This will help you to figure out why Chromebook isn’t turning on. Sometimes external devices interfere with the booting process. That’s why removing them might be a solution to your problem.

Then, try to launch your Chromebook. If it boots up — one of the external devices was the “criminal”. To determine which one, reconnect one device at a time and see what happens to your laptop. Once you’ve found a “bad” device, reset its settings or, if this doesn’t help, buy new external hardware.

But if the Chromebook still refuses to turn on, don’t connect other devices to it. Continue to troubleshoot Chromebook. There may be some software issues.

4. Bonus Tips: How to Fix Chrome OS Problems

As we said before, Chrome OS is a new system. That’s why Chromebooks sometimes get software issues. If your laptop is turning on but keeps constantly crashing, there may be problems with some recent apps. So, keep calm: soon, your question “Why my ASUS Chromebook won’t turn on or work properly?” will be solved.

4.1 Delete All Freshly Installed Apps

Delete freshly installed applications. The next instruction also applies to all ChromeOS laptops, including ACER, Samsung, and HP. 

How to uninstall an app on Chromebook

Here is the instruction on how to do it properly:

  1. Tap on the Launcher. It’s that big circle on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the up-carrot. It helps you to view all apps installed on your current Chromebook.
  3. Do the right-click on the app you want to delete. If you don’t have a mouse — tap the trackpad with two fingers.
  4. Сhoose “Remove from Chrome” or “Uninstall” in the drop-down menu.
  5. Tap “Remove” to confirm your intentions to delete the app.

4.2 Update Your System

Also, you can update the operating system: it may also be the reason why your Сhromebook is not turning on or constantly freezes and crashes. Some of your apps may require a new version of the system while you still work on the old one. That may cause many bugs and issues.

Do the following:

  • Go to the Settings;
  • Open “About Chrome OS”;
  • Tap “Update the System”.

Remember: You need to be connected to the Internet during the whole process of upgrading. Otherwise, your PC won’t be able to get new software from the manufacturer’s cloud.

4.3 Sign out from Google Account

Another reason why your Chromebook won’t turn on or can repeatedly crash is a problem with syncing Google and Chromebook. Sign out from your current account and log into any other Google Account. This task is super easy. All you have to do is next:

  1. Go to the bottom right section of the screen.
  2. Click on the Time.
  3. Tap “Sign out”.
  4. After that, sign in to another account or create a new one.
How to reset Chromebook

4.4 Do the Hard Reset (Software and Hardware)

If all the mentioned above did not help — try to do a hard reset. It will clear all the data from the PC and back it to the original settings and version of the system. Be aware that it will delete all your data, including photos, videos, and important files. So, make sure that you save all important data to some third-party resource (flash drives, other HDD, or cloud storage). 

When you’ll are ready to reset your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out from the system.
  2. Hold this combination: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.
  3. Choose Restart. You will see a big box on your screen.
  4. Tap Powerwash and Continue.
  5. Follow the instructions.

Remember: All your data will vanish. So be sure that you have a backup of the most important files.

Also, you may try to reset the hardware. Don’t worry: if your data is on the Cloud, it won’t affect it. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off Chromebook.
  2. Hold the Refresh button + tap on the Power key.
  3. When your laptop boots us, release the refresh button.

If you don’t have a refresh key, check the official instructions from Chromebook Help Center. 

If you see the message “Operating System Not Found”, it means that your OS may be corrupted. You can try to solve this issue and realize why a Chromebook is not turning on at home. Power off your laptop in an unusual way — hold the POWER button for 6-7 seconds and then turn it back again. If this doesn’t work, press the Refresh and Power keys for the same amount of time until you see a login screen.

5. Seek the Professional Service

If nothing from this article works for your laptop and your ASUS, ACER, or HP Chromebook still won’t turn on  — you should contact the manufacturer. If your laptop’s warranty has not expired yet, go to the nearest certified repair station. You may want to seek Chromebook Certified service centers because there, you can fix a PC at a reduced price or even for free. Of course, the final price of repair depends on the issue. 

If the reconstruction is too expensive, you should think of purchasing a new laptop. But before you do it, check that you backup all of your data from your current PC to Cloud storage or external drives.

Final Thoughts: What To Do If Your Chromebook Won’t Turn On

The first things you need to check when your Chromebook refuses to turn on are the screen’s brightness and the battery status. After this, examine your cord and charging port. If all these don’t help you find an issue, check external hardware.

If your Chromebook turns on but constantly freezes and crashes, check the software. Maybe a problem hides there.

If all the previous actions fail, seek professional help and go to the nearest service center. 

But we hope that our article helped you turn on a Chromebook by yourself. If you still have questions regarding this issue, feel free to contact Howly experts. 




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