How to Charge a Phone With a Broken Charger Port?

Phone With a Broken Charger Port

The phone is an important device, without which it is difficult to do your everyday tasks. Therefore, if your phone stops charging, it can be a serious problem. So you may ask friends or people on forums, “Charger port is broken: how to charge battery”?

Not everyone has the time or money to buy a new phone right away. In addition, if the breakdown is temporary, why the extra costs?

Today we will tell you how to charge your phone and understand what exactly the problem with the broken charger is. 

Please note that if you have already encountered a similar problem, this does not mean that the solution is identical this time. Therefore, you need to discard experience and approach the situation differently. For example, if the last time the problem was with the cable, now it might be a bad port. We will tell you the differences between these problems and how to eliminate this or that breakdown in stages in order to find the true one. 

Broken Charger Port: Main Signs

Let’s discuss some of the most common problems affecting your smartphone’s charging. It will help you quickly identify the problem and find a suitable solution for how to charge your phone when the charger port is broken.

  • The charger connector may be loose. And it needs to be fixed as soon as possible, as continued use in this condition may cause further damage. 
  • If the pins inside the port are damaged or bent, it will also not charge properly. This problem is more difficult to diagnose because the phone must be taken apart to determine the problem.
  • If debris gets into your device, this can also affect performance. To check if the charging port has been damaged, turn on the light to see if there is any visible debris. If there is, then you can carefully remove the contamination with a regular paper clip. But be careful not to scratch the port.
Removing dirt with a regular paper clip

Disclaimer: Please note that charging your phone when the charge port is broken is possible, but it will be safer for your device if you define the symptoms of the problem and the exact reason. Your rapid actions can cause irreparable. Your phone will be hopelessly broken. Therefore, it is better to take some actions that will help and will not harm or immediately take your smartphone to the service center.

Is My Charger Port Broken, or Do I Just Need to Check the Cable?

Broken USB cables for charging are one of the most common causes of charging problems. Therefore, we decided to discuss this issue in more detail. USB cables for charging are fragile and often rummage, which leads to many possible damages, flexibitions, etc. Try a new cable and make sure that the damaged cable does not cause problems with charging. Many modern mobile phone chargers are supplied with a cable with a USB and an adapter that connects to the USB. If you are sure that the cable operates properly, check the adapter. Also, note that different current rates on the charger will also affect charging.

Charger Port or Battery: What to Check Next?

If you have an older phone, you may experience charging problems as the battery ages and loses its ability to charge. If, after some investigation, you suspect that your phone’s charging port is broken or damaged, it’s best to turn to a professional to ensure you will cause no additional damage when trying to fix it.

Also, you may need to replace the battery, which also requires professional advice. These days, there are many reliable experts to help you solve problems online. You will need to contact, describe the problem, verify the cause, order a new battery and replace it. Nothing complicated, right? Howly experts are always online to help you with such issues.

But what if the cell phone charging port is broken, and there is no time to wait for a more reliable solution to the problem? Then let’s look at the possible charging guide below. One of them will definitely suit you.

How to Charge a Phone Without a Charger Port?

The worst thing that can happen to you before an important meeting, or if you always need to stay in touch, is the failure of the charging port. Fortunately, this problem is solvable. The main thing is to choose the most suitable method and follow the instructions. Plus, it will save you money on repairing the broken charging port for a while. But when you get the chance, it’s better to take the phone to a professional. One of the easiest ways everyone knows about is using AA batteries. If the charging port is damaged, you can use the AA battery to charge it by connecting them. More detailed instructions will be below. So let’s find out how to charge your phone when your charger is broken in the best way.

Important: Before trying one of the methods described below, you should understand that this is only a temporary solution to the problem. So when you have the opportunity, be sure to contact a professional who will tell you the best way – replacing the cable or buying a new battery – or will repair your charging port.

Charge Phone Without Charger Port: Popular Methods

  • Make your own repair of the broken charging port. It is the easiest, fastest, and most common solution for a damaged charging port. Sometimes the metal surface of the charging port does not make good contact with the USB charger. In most cases, this is due to a manufacturer defect or damage due to continuously plugging and unplugging the charger cable. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether it is a broken charger port on an Android or an iPhone. These ways are suitable for both models:Clean the charging port first. Use a flashlight and a toothpick/hairpin to remove debris stuck to the charging pins carefully. 
    • Turn off the device. If possible, remove the battery. 
    • Take a small stick to rearrange any tabs inside the phone’s USB port.
    • If the charging pins are not aligned, slowly and carefully lift them.
    • Insert the battery.
    • Plug your charger in.
Repair of the broken charging port
  • Use AA or AAA batteries to charge your phone. A charger that is broken can be fixed with the battery. Note that this only applies to phones with removable batteries. 
    • Remove the battery from the device. Access to the battery connection point.
    • Use 9-volt batteries or AAA/AA batteries.
    • Locate the positive and negative connectors on the battery. The positive pole is in the red box, and the negative pole is at the other end of the battery.
    • Make sure the battery and the phone battery have the same voltage.
    • Typically, a typical mobile phone battery has a voltage of 3.7 V DC, and one AA or AAA battery is 1.5 V. So, you will need 3 AA batteries.
    • Cover 2 wires with plastic insulation.
    • Tape their power together.
    • Secure or tape insulated wires to batteries and rechargeable batteries.
    • Wait a few minutes – the battery should still be charged. Remember that the phone battery will not charge this way, but this is more than enough for emergency use.
    • Remove the phone battery.
    • Put it between your palms. Create enough heat and friction by rubbing the battery between your palms. Then, rotate the battery into the phone and try to charge it again. Can it fix a broken charger port? No, but it can resolve your problem for a while.
AA or AAA batteries to charge your phone
  • Charge the phone directly (only if you have experience working with electric cables). In the case the phone charging port is broken, It is quite possible to charge the phone directly. With this format, charging will continue, bypassing the faulty outlet, and the contacts will stick directly to the battery terminals. For this, you need to:
    • Take out the battery.
    • Cut off the plug from the charging cable to expose the core insulation.
    • Strip each living wire and process the plus and minus wires.
    • Connect the wires to the terminals on the battery. It is important to observe the correct polarity.
    • Secure the connection and connect the charger to the electricity grid in a convenient way.
    • The phone will fully charge before disconnecting the battery.
    • If you have never worked with electric cables before, proceed to the next solution. 
  • Use special equipment for your broken phone charger. We are talking about the usual “frog,” which perfectly interacts with all types of batteries from various manufacturers. Just remove the battery and insert it into the slot of the device. Charging will begin, and its duration will directly depend on the type and capacity of the battery used. Among the advantages of this approach is the compactness of the “frog” and the ability to eat from different sources. It can be not only a typical electrical network but also a USB port and an automobile network of any car. However, one cannot fail to see some shortcomings of this approach. This equipment is expensive, and the cost of its purchase may not be reasonable.
"Frog" for interaction with all types of batteries

If the above methods didn’t fix the problem, the issue isn’t with a damaged charging port.

What Service Assistance Can Help with Damaged Charging Port?

“Hello, my charging port is broken”! It is probably the first question you may have when you contact a service center. You will then be asked to describe the steps you took to resolve the issue. It will help you rule out the methods you’ve tried and find the real problem. Howly has highly qualified experts who have already encountered completely different causes of a charger failure. And they will be able to tell you why your iPhone or Android charging port is broken and suggest the most appropriate way to charge the phone with a broken port. So wherever you are in the world, get help immediately.


In order not to run into similar problems that we discussed, we advise you to use a few tips to protect the phone port and never to be familiar with a broken charger port:

  • Do not pull the plug out of the socket abruptly.
  • It is better to use original chargers.
  • Protect your device from bumps and drops.
  • It is important to exclude contact of the nest with moisture, even for a short period.

We looked at how to charge the phone if the charging port is not working in an emergency and with a broken charging socket. But none of the methods completely solves the problem. In addition, there is a relatively high probability of battery failure during such charging and its complete failure. Therefore, it is better not to take risks but immediately take care of repairing your smartphone. The professional intervention will solve the problem and ensure the device has a long and trouble-free operation. In other words, to charge a phone when the charger port is broken on vacation is possible, and the prices in another country for your charger or repair are exorbitant, you can use one of the methods described above. But when you get home, do something to solve this problem.