How to change a phone number on Samsung account

Updated: March 13, 2023
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How to change a phone number on Samsung account
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Just as many similar companies, Samsung provides the owners of their products with an advantageous opportunity to create their own personal accounts. This allows users to keep important information in one place and access all the services offered by the company easily. If you already have a Samsung account, chances are it’s connected to your phone number for passing 2-step verification. But what if you lose or change your number so the previous one is no longer valid? In this case, you need to know how to change your Samsung account phone number, and we’ll tell you how to complete the task smoothly.

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How to verify Samsung account with no phone number

In addition to the question about the available options to change my Samsung account phone number, customers usually ask Howly about completing the verification process without binding their phone numbers. Some have security concerns and don’t want to disclose private information, while others just have no access to their mobile devices at the moment. Anyway, you’re not obliged to secure your account through a phone number. You can do it effortlessly via email when registering an account on your PC:

ow to change a phone number on Samsung account
  • Agree to the terms.
ow to change a phone number on Samsung account
  • Enter your data in the suggested fields and tap Next.
ow to change a phone number on Samsung account
  • You’ll get an email with a code for verification – copy this code and paste in into the registration form.
ow to change a phone number on Samsung account
  • Hit Done.
ow to change a phone number on Samsung account

Now, you can enjoy your Samsung profile on your PC or transfer it to your mobile device. The procedure is simple – just take your phone and log in to your account using your mailbox address and password. Once you’re there, you can add or change the Samsung account phone number right away.

How to reset Samsung account number using your smartphone

First of all, you should comprehend that to change a Samsung account 2-step verification phone number, you can’t do without entering your profile. And if you suddenly face any login problems, just use any other Samsung device which already has access to your account. Alternatively, you can fix the problem with the help of your Samsung account backup code given at the time of registration. So what to do to change your phone number via the smartphone?

  1. Access Settings and pick Accounts&Backup.
  2. Hit Manage accounts.
  3. Hit your Samsung profile.
  4. Enter Security&Privacy.
  5. Opt for 2-step verification and enter your account.
  6. Pick Text message.
  7. Choose Add and reset the Samsung account phone number.
  8. Hit Send code.
  9. Once you get the code, add it to your number and hit Verify.
How to change a phone number on Samsung

How to change a Samsung account phone number on a computer

banner 3

Also, you can use your PC to change a phone number in the Samsung account. It’s done as easily as via smartphone, just complete several steps:

  1. Access the Samsung web page and log in.
  2. Tap Security and enter your password once again.
  3. Head to Password&Security -> pick 2-step verification.
  4. Hit Text message.
  5. Pick Edit personal info to make a quick Samsung account number change.
  6. Add the preferred phone number and ensure that you verify it.
How to change a Samsung account phone number

How to change phone number on Samsung account with no password

Difficulties users encounter when making attempts to change their phone numbers for Samsung accounts are often related not to the mere algorithm but to the account login problems. But don’t worry if you don’t remember your password to access your profile in the Samsung Apps, Howly knows what to do.

How to change a phone number on Samsung account
  • Indicate your email and pick Continue.
  • Access your mailbox to confirm the email.
  • Receive a temporary password and use it to access your account.
  • Finally, follow the previously-listed instructions to change your Samsung account number easily.

Samsung account two-step verification

Stealing your personal information and passwords is much easier than it seems. Therefore, it’s better to use Samsung two-step verification to ensure the safety of your data. After all, there are a lot of ways scammers can access your personal details – you may follow a doubtful link, install/download malware, etc. It allows hackers to view your messages and calls, access your cloud storage, and steal any other possible data available in your Samsung account.

The principle of two-stage inspection

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To recognize the importance of account verification, it’s worth sorting out how it works. The point is that to access your profile, you’re required to provide not just your password but also a code for verification which is traditionally sent right to your smartphone via SMS. Thus, even if scammers know your password and try to use it to log into your account, their attempts will fail if they don’t have the verification code. That’s why it’s so important to change a Samsung account phone number as soon as possible if your current one is no longer valid.

How to turn on two-step verification on Samsung Account

You can customize verification settings the way it’s convenient to you – through your mobile phone and PC. The quick steps for each method are described below:

Via your smartphone:

  1. Access Settings and hit your Samsung profile.
  2. Pick Password&Security and opt for 2-step verification.
  3. Enter your number for receiving the codes for verification.
25 How to change a phone number on Samsung account

Through your PC:

  1. Access the Samsung web page and log in.
  2. Enter Settings -> hit 2-Step Test -> pick Test Program.
  3. Enter your number for receiving the codes for verification.

Now, two-stage verification will protect you from scammers and keep your account information and personal data safe. However, it’s still better to be aware of online safety and be careful when it comes to your private details. The following rules will help you:

  • Transfer backup codes exclusively from secure locations.
  • Set a reliable screen lock.
  • Make sure other people have no access to your verification and backup codes.


Why can't I receive a verification code on my Samsung phone?

One of the reasons why the code doesn’t reach your phone may be a weak Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Moreover, you should check if you entered your phone number correctly. If you still don’t receive a verification code, check and update (if necessary) the version of your operating system and Samsung account.

Does 2-step verification really protect my Samsung account from hackers?

TSV (Two-Step verification) does a really good job. Even if a hacker reaches your account, they won’t be able to access it without the code you receive on your phone. However, you should still be vigilant, as scammers don’t stop coming up with new methods of deception.

Can I create more than one Samsung account?

Samsung doesn’t limit the number of accounts you can create. Thus, you can register 2, 3, and more profiles. But you need a separate email address to create each of the accounts.

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