Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

Updated: February 15, 2023
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Chromebook Wi-Fi issues
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Sometimes it happens that the Chromebook cannot connect to Wi-Fi. The reason lies in the Chrome OS operating system. Incorrect operation of the Chrome OS can be the reason for affecting the device's connection to the Internet. Our guide will tell you why Chromebook Wi-Fi won't turn on.

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Wi-Fi Problems on Chromebook and Solutions

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues occur on different PC models. Despite this, the solution to the problems of these devices will be generalized. The connection failure can be either the Chromebook itself or the Wi-Fi.

Chromebook won't connect to Wi-Fi: reasons

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

Reasons why the device does not connect to the Internet include settings or physical damages. You should carefully inspect the devices - they shouldn’t be damaged, just like the cables. Such diagnostics will allow you to identify the problem quickly.

12 troubleshooting methods

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There are 12 basic rules for diagnosing why a Chromebook isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi. We advise you to follow the guide and carefully analyze each way.

Restart your router

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

If the router has been serving you for several years, it could malfunction. Your router may also be running low on power. Turn it off for 30 seconds and then turn it on. Ensure the appropriate indicators are lit on the router.

Ensure your Chromebook is connected to Wi-Fi

Check that you've entered the right password for the Wi-Fi. An incorrect one can cause a situation when Chromebook can't connect to Wi-Fi.  If the password is lost, go to the settings at, then to the tab System - Admin Password. Enter a new one twice, and press the Apply button.

Try another Wi-Fi network

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If the tips above don't work, choose a different connection. You can set up a mobile hotspot on your smartphone and use it on your laptop. If your wireless connection is to blame, you shouldn't have any problems with this variant of joining.

Disconnecting and reconnecting to the network

Try to disconnect the router cable from the supply and reconnect it. We may not notice that the cable is not fully seated in the connector. Another similar mistake is that Chromebook not connecting to the Internet because the user forgot to do it. On the panel at the bottom of the screen, navigate to Wi-Fi settings and verify if you have selected a network.

Forget and rejoin the web

Every time you connect to a network, your device remembers it for future connections. In order to delete all these networks, click the Forget option.

Chrome connection diagnostics

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

Install this extension on your Chromebook. On the Network Status tab, select any list and start diagnostics on it. Note that diagnostics can only be performed on the latest versions of the system. As a result, a DNS error or other network errors may occur.

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Update your Chromebook

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

To set the latest version of Chrome OS, you need to download an update. After downloading the update, you need to restart your device to complete the process. It can also fix the Internet connection on Chromebook.

Check for restrictions on the MAC address

If the MAC filter is set to disable, all connected devices are allowed access to the wireless network. In order to add a new network, you need to go to the Wi-Fi section on the device's Web interface, go to the MAC filter subsection, select Allow in the Filter mode subsection and click the Apply button. Manually entering the MAC address is also possible.

Powerwash the Chromebook

Chromebook Wi-Fi issues

Chromebook can't connect to Wi-Fi also because your settings don't allow it. To manufacturer reset, tap the system information bar at the bottom right of your Chromebook screen, then click on the gear settings icon to load it into the Chrome OS settings. Most of the settings are hidden under the Google Advanced Label. Next, you will see the powerwash function, click on it.

Turn off preferred networks

Specific settings you have set may create an issue when Chromebook Wi-Fi doesn’t turn on. Choose Wi-Fi settings. If you are currently connected to the network whose settings you want to delete, simply click on it and click Delete in the window that opens.

Turn off the VPN app or connection

Sometimes a load of users on the VPN server you have chosen at the moment is so intense that the connection speed tends to zero. Therefore, disable your VPN through extensions in Chrome or disable the app, and it solves Chrome OS Wi-Fi issues.

Try a USB Wi-Fi adapter

A Wi-Fi adapter is a device that connects a personal computer to a wireless network or increases the speed of connecting a laptop with an outdated Wi-Fi module to the web. Try to use it, and it will fix Wi-Fi on Chromebook.


Can I connect to the Internet on my Chromebook through an Ethernet cable?

Most Chromebook models don’t have an Ethernet port. To work around this limitation, purchase a USB Ethernet adapter and connect to the Internet via a cable connection. Wired connections are generally not affected by the same problems as wireless networks.

Is there a reason why the Wi-Fi connection is unstable if the router is in another room?

In the specifications of routers, manufacturers indicate the coverage area - the approximate distance over which waves propagate in good conditions. The antennas determine the range. If the model has removable antennas, replace them with more powerful ones. Move the device to the center of the living space.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on Chromebook?

On the Taskbar, find and select the icon for the network connection. Find the line containing information about the established connection and look for the wireless network icon next to the name of the connection. (The more solid quarters of the orientation icon sphere are active bright white, the better the signal.)


In our guide, we covered the main cases of Chromebook won't connect to Wi-Fi. If it is urgent, we advise you to contact Howly. Our experts will not only help you find out the cause of the disconnect and solve the problem but also answer all your additional questions.

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