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Most popular scanners issues we can fix

All issues related to scanner malfunctioning may be divided into two main groups of causes: hardware and software. Modern scanners are complex and often serve as several devices simultaneously. And it results in various glitches, where the scanner is not working as it should. Here are the most popular issues which our experts deal with every day:

  • The PC can’t find the scanner;
  • The scanner doesn’t send results to the computer;
  • The scan button refuses to work;
  • Bad-looking scans;
  • Error messages;
  • Dully images;
  • Wireless connection issues;
  • Strange noises from the scanner;
  • Overheating during the scanning process;
  • Negative images (white becomes black, green becomes orange, etc.).

The easiest way to fix a scanner is to restart both devices. In most cases, scanner problems with Windows 10 are caused by corrupted temporary files. Restarting erases them and resolves system conflicts.

If this doesn’t help, contact Howly experts. They can help you to find which hardware or software issue caused the malfunction and share a personalized troubleshooter.

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Don’t waste hours surfing the web, searching for scanner troubleshooting advice on forums. Save your time and ask for professional assistance. Howly experts will gladly explain to you the reasons for scanner problems and give solutions to them.

Tell us all the details of your case and get a personalized troubleshooter guide within minutes. We are working for you 24/7, even on holidays.

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Here we’ve collected answers to the most popular questions about scanner issues from our users. Take a closer look, maybe they can help you to fix the scanner that is not working.

Why is my scanner not connecting to my computer?

Connectivity issues are one of the most common Windows 10 scanner issues. If your PC and scanner connect with a wire, ensure it is firmly plugged at both ends. If it’s possible, change the cord. Try to connect the cable to the different USB ports on the PC, as a broken socket is another common cause of connectivity issues.

Why doesn’t the scanner connect to the PC wirelessly?

There’s a software malfunction. Go to the manufacturer’s official website, download, and install the latest drivers. If this doesn’t help you, disable the antivirus. It should troubleshoot Windows 10 scanner issues.

Why do all scanned images look so dully?

Dully scans often happen with glossy papers. That texture works like a reflector, so the scanner will not work as intended. Put a transparent matte pad between the scanner and the paper: it absorbs reflecting light from the paper.

Can I scan documents if the cover is broken?

A scanner is a light-sensitive device. It reacts to any amount of light, so check the document cover. It should be fully closed during the scan procedure. When the sensor catches the ray of light, it reacts with flares on the scan. If the cover is broken, press it manually during every scan.