Fix Your Issues with Samsung Phones on Howly

Samsung has a lot of fans, and not in vain! The company creates high-quality products tailored to the needs of customers. And each new model pleases Android lovers with innovative technologies and renewed features. However, ideal smartphones don’t exist, and Samsung owners still note some problems with their devices. So if you’re wondering how to fix a Samsung phone, you have come to the right place!

Howly experts are the top professionals who work hard 24/7. Even if your Samsung smartphone problem occurs in the middle of the night, you can contact Howly and get an instant response. Moreover, our experts are well-versed in all Samsung models. They thoroughly diagnose Samsung mobile phone issues and offer the best solutions. Thus, Howly experts have already solved more than 10 million technical problems, so people trust us, and that speaks volumes.

Fast and Easy Samsung Phone Troubleshooting

Whatever problems arise with a Samsung phone, they interfere with the normal functioning of the device. There are various Samsung phone defects, and Howly experts have already encountered all of them. So every problem has a solution – you just need to ask for help. Check out the most widespread Samsung mobile phone problems. Maybe your issue is also on the list.

  1. Samsung apps are opening slowly;
  2. Charging port isn’t working;
  3. Sensor on Samsung Galaxy A50 isn’t working;
  4. Samsung phone restarts or freezes;
  5. Battery problems;
  6. Poor Wi-Fi connection;
  7. Camera failed error; 
  8. Samsung can’t download apps from Google Play Store;
  9. Samsung is running slow;
  10. Software update issues.

Didn’t find your problem in the list of popular Samsung issues? Don’t worry! Howly can handle any other cases, regardless of complexity. Our certified specialists have all the necessary skills to provide practical solutions and fix your device.

Fix Any Samsung Phone Issues Today with Howly Experts

Repairing any Samsung phone requires specific knowledge. If you are not strong in technology and mobile software, you may find this task quite difficult. That’s why people turn to Howly – we offer quick solutions and easy step-by-step instructions to fix various Samsung cell phone problems.

Consultations take place online in a live chat. Our experts can also connect to your device remotely to perform Samsung mobile troubleshooting. Keep reading to find out what questions users often ask us.

How to fix Samsung’s frozen screen?

If you have a problem with a specific app, like Instagram, there is no need to worry and blame your phone. The reason is apps crash which means you should update the app or perform further optimization for a specific Samsung device model.

If the display is frozen in default apps such as Phone, Messages, or Camera, go to Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps, select the problematic program, and clear its cache. You can also perform a factory reset to fix the issue.

My Samsung gets very hot. Can I fix the problem?

If your phone’s temperature rises significantly, you should take some precautions. What to do? Don’t let your Samsung phone charge for too long, and don’t use your device while the battery is charging. Another common cause of overheating is playing games for a long time. Therefore, take breaks more often (at least once per hour). Also, turn off mobile data and GPS during a call. Indeed, various smartphone services can lead to overheating.

Why can’t my Samsung connect to Bluetooth devices?

Such problems can occur on Samsung devices from time to time. So how to fix the Bluetooth connection problem?

  1. Make sure your phone is updated. Check for OTA updates and install them as soon as possible.
  2. Ensure your phone is visible to other devices and vice versa (turn on Bluetooth visibility).
  3. Try turning Bluetooth on and off a few times.

Solve Samsung Phone Problems 24/7

To ensure your smartphone lasts longer, fix problems as they arise. Regular diagnostics and troubleshooting will help you enjoy your Samsung phone without spending money and time fixing your device. If your smartphone is already working improperly, welcome to Howly! We’ll find out the cause of the malfunction and solve your Samsung cell phone problem as quickly as possible. So take care of your device, and it will serve you well!