Google temporary hold. What should I do if I encounter a temporary hold?

Updated: May 12, 2023
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Google temporary hold. What should I do if I encounter a temporary hold?
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First, don't worry. Google can temporarily block some small amounts on its users' accounts. Depending on your payment method, it can be one dollar or more. The temporary hold usually happens when you make a purchase or, for example, activate a trial or promotional subscription.

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It's a security measure that helps Google avoid fraudulent payment methods, ensure your card is valid, and you have enough funds on your balance to make a purchase.

What to do if you still see a charge on your account or payment method?

Such a payment may also appear in your card transaction history. Each bank works differently - some will take a long time to unblock your payment method, while others will do it very quickly.

Your bank may release the hold within a few days or a week after the payment is canceled. If your transaction history still does not show the hold released after 5 workdays, you better contact the support service to investigate your problem and solve it.

Payment method

Another thing to add is that hotels and gas stations can sometimes hold credit card payments - that’s also displayed in your transaction history. In such situations, your money will be automatically returned to your account when the hold is released. This procedure occurs after 10 days, sometimes earlier.

Gas stations can charge their users' bank cards with temporary authorizations of up to $100. At the same time, the cost of gas will be removed, but only later as a separate transaction, and then it will remove the authorization lock. To avoid such a problem, you need to pay for the required amount of gas at the box office before refueling.

Usually, it takes the bank 10 workdays to make a refund. After that, all funds automatically appear on your balance.
If you haven't got your money back, you need to contact the seller before the end of these first 10 workdays.

What to do if the balance is negative and the payment is canceled?

Also, your payment may be canceled or returned. That may happen when there is not enough money in your account or you have a negative balance on your credit card. Try to top up your account or contact your bank support service.

Below we provide a list of the most common reasons why payments are canceled and fixed later:

  • When a customer asks for a check, the restaurant can block the user's account, after which it will be processed, and the tip will be deducted from it.
  • There is a pre-authorization at the gas station.
  • Booking rooms in hotels and hostels.
  • Some online stores temporarily block and debit your account when you place your order but will complete the debit when your item ships.

About unauthorized payment and security

banner 3

There is one straightforward security rule you should follow - when you detect an unauthorized payment from your card, immediately contact the seller or manager to cancel the incomplete transaction.

Unauthorized payment and security

Also, if you have any suspicions that your account has been hacked, you should immediately contact your bank support team via chat or application. All details can be found on its official website. After that, freeze your card if you have not already done so. We also recommend that you enable an anti-phishing code for an additional level of protection.

How does Google charge for services and products?

Each user will see the name of the transaction that was carried out to pay for services or goods on their bank statement. Please note that in this case, everything will begin with the word Google, followed by the name of the product and its description.

Google charge for services and products

What are pending transactions?

Users can see transactions signed as Google Temporary Hold in their accounts. They can also find them in an abridged version. Such payments are only awaiting confirmation. When the transaction is processed, your record will disappear, and your funds will not be debited.


What does it mean if I have a $1 Google temporary hold?

You may spot a temporary hold for $1 if you have recently created a Google Payments account. The charge appears to verify that your card is valid. You can see the same descriptor when you add a new payment card.

Does Google temporary hold mean that I will be charged the money?

No, you don't have to worry about that. Google temporary hold is just a precaution against fraudulent payment schemes. The money will be returned to your account after the hold is released.

How long does the Google hold last?

It all depends on your bank. Usually, Google temporary hold lasts 5-7 days. If your card payment is held by a gas station or a hotel, it may take you up to 10 days to receive your money back.


So now you know all the reasons why Google can temporarily hold your money. And remember that if you cannot solve your problems with payments, it is better to contact the support service or the bank.

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July 13, 2023
These days, there's an overwhelming number of various write-offs to keep track of! How on earth can I stay organized and keep tabs on everything? It's driving me crazy!
July 06, 2023
I had a temporary hold on my account after activating a trial subscription, and it took longer than expected for the funds to be released. Has anyone else faced a similar situation? How long did it take for the hold to be lifted?
1 reply
  1. Quartz||Quail
    July 06, 2023
    Jackson12, Yes, I had a similar experience with a temporary hold on my account after activating a trial subscription. It was frustrating because the funds took nearly two weeks to be released. I had to reach out to customer support multiple times to get it resolved. Definitely a hassle!
July 03, 2023
Thanks! 😊
Dylan Blake85
June 29, 2023
I appreciate the tips shared in this article about dealing with temporary holds during hotel bookings. It's good to know that the funds will be automatically returned once the hold is released. Saved me from unnecessary panic!
June 22, 2023
I've been waiting for a few days, but the temporary hold on my account hasn't been released yet. It's frustrating.
June 16, 2023
Interesting information about temporary holds and how they function.
June 11, 2023
Oh, great! Unauthorized charges on my Google account. Just what I needed.
June 07, 2023
I encountered a temporary hold at a gas station, and the explanation in the article made sense. However, I wonder if there's a way to avoid these holds altogether. Any suggestions or workarounds?
Mrs. Harper
June 03, 2023
Excellent explanation! 😊
May 26, 2023
It's worth noting the advice to enable an anti-phishing code for added security.
Elizabeth Foster
May 22, 2023
Are there any alternative methods to resolve temporary hold issues aside from contacting the bank?
1 reply
  1. Mia
    May 22, 2023
    Elizabeth Foster, Yes, aside from contacting the bank, you can also reach out to Google's support team directly. They may be able to provide additional assistance and help resolve the issue faster.
May 18, 2023
Not enough examples provided to fully understand the topic. 😕
May 15, 2023
I just noticed a temporary hold on my Google account, and it got me worried. Thankfully, this article provided clear explanations and steps to follow. Feeling relieved now!
James Nelson
May 11, 2023
Great info! Thanks! 👍
May 09, 2023
There had been 2 holds on my account for 1$ how do I get that back
1 reply
  1. Howly
    May 09, 2023
    Jean, hello! Thank you for your question. If you need personal expert advice, please type your question in the Chat window at the top of this page. Howly experts are always there to help you! 
April 23, 2023
Never had a Goole temporary hold before and it took it 4 times don't know what it means and the payment the bank ring's back soon

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