I Forgot My PUK Code for the Verizon SIM Card – What to Do?

Updated: September 21, 2022

My sim card was locked by mistake. Where to look for an 8-number SIM PUK code?” – due to our research, it is one of the most popular questions on Verizon forums. However, not everyone knows what the PUK code is and where to get it. In this article, we will explain to you the importance of that code and how a user can use the PUK code to unlock a Verizon sim card.

Verizon is a wireless network operator that covers around 30+ million users. And what is a PUK code for Verizon? The PUK code is the abbreviation for the Personal Unlocking Key used for security measures for your SIM card to identify that you are the real owner of this SIM card. If a user enters an invalid password too many times, their card will be locked. If that happens, only the PUK could be used to restore access once again. 

The PUK code Verizon is specific to your SIM and can be provided to you only by Verizon, as there’s no single code that fits all locked devices you can find on the web.

Verizon PUK code unlocks

Verizon PUK code unlocks

Unlike your PIN code, the PUK code cannot be created by the user and installed on your device, whether it is an Android or Apple smartphone. If you are interested in how to get the PUK code for Verizon SIM, you should use the Verizon PUK code generator aimed to help you unlock your SIM card. To do this, follow our instructions on unlocking the SIM card via My Verizon.

First, you should log in to your Verizon personal account to locate the SIM PUK code for your SIM card. Then, follow this guide:

  1. In My Verizon, go to the “My Devices” page.
  2. Under “About My Device,” you should tap on “My PIN and Unblocking Key (PUK).” 
  3. Then, a pop-up window will display both your default PUK and PIN codes.
  4. When done, click “Close.”

The other way to get a Verizon default PUK code is to:

  1. Sign in to your Verizon personal account.
  2. Locate the “I Want To” window.
  3. Click on the “More Actions.”
  4. Follow the DEVICE column and tap on the “Phone Details.”5. Choose “Unlock SIM (PUK) Now” – and you`ll see the default PIN code and your personal unblocking key.
The default PIN code and your personal unblocking key

If you are using a web browser, then you need to:

  1. Sign in to My Verizon Wireless official website.
  2. From the My Verizon Home screen, move to: “Account”→ “My devices.”
  3. Open the Device overview.
  4. Under your SIM mobile number, tap on the “Manage device.”
  5. Move down to the “PIN and Personal Unblocking Key” window, then select the “View.”
  6. Once a link is clicked, the default PIN and Unblocking Key (PUK) will be displayed.

Call customer care

If your Verizon PUK code is still locked, don’t despair. Verizon can try to access your account to reset the code remotely. Thus you should contact the customer care service via telephone or by sending them a message.

  1. Mention that your Verizon PUK is being locked and make a request for a new PUK code. After that, you will be asked for some additional details in order to verify your identity for obligatory security purposes.
  2. Then, enter the new PUK code into the mobile phone which was previously locked. You will be requested to choose a new PIN code. Remember it this time or write it down somewhere. 
  3. Now your phone will be unlocked and you will be able to use it normally.

Verizon Customer Service: (800) 922-0204
Monday – Sunday, 6 AM – 11 PM.



Now you know what is your Verizon PUK code and how to get it if your smartphone requires it to unlock. If you have any questions regarding your smartphone or other devices, you can ask them to Howly experts. They are always available to you!

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