Windows issues troubleshooting

Billions of users choose Windows for their PCs. And it’s not surprising. This operating system is worthwhile and has a lot of advantages. Although Microsoft is diligently working on its software, many users still complain about certain problems with Windows. To restore the normal operation of your device, it’s essential to diagnose the problem and find a technical solution to deal with it. And that’s what Howly experts do best!

Why Howly? Our experts are certified professionals who have vast experience working with Windows and other Microsoft products. Howly team solves problems even faster than Microsoft call center. You just ask your question and get a personal consultant in minutes. An expert carefully examines your case and offers step-by-step instructions to solve the problem. What’s more, you can contact Howly 24/7 – the best experts are always online!

Common Windows Problems Howly Experts Deal With

Howly specialists have already solved over 10 million issues, and a great number of people still seek to get Microsoft help and fix their Windows. Top of that, the number of such requests is growing every day. Therefore, we’ve gathered more than 1 000 experts to provide first-class service to every consumer. No matter how difficult your problem is, Howly has a solution!

Here are the most popular Windows issues our experts deal with almost every day:

  1. Problems with NVidia Control Panel;
  2. Resetting Windows update to fix errors;
  3. Troubleshooting tools for unstable Wi-Fi;
  4. Windows slow boot; 
  5. Hard drive or SSD issues;
  6. Checking and deleting stored user information;
  7. Bluescreen after Windows 10 update;
  8. Glitches and stuttering in games;
  9. Windows 10 can’t detect the installation disk;
  10. Disk boot failure.

Is your problem not on the list, and you are wondering how to get help in Windows? We’re happy to help you, just describe your case in the Chat window, and we’ll match you with the best expert. We value your time and do our job quickly but efficiently.

Fix Windows Issues with Professional Experts

It happens that you encounter problems without even having time to get enough of the new and faster version of Windows. Or vice versa, you have been using a PC for so long that your device is simply crying about a Windows update. Either way, Howly experts know everything about Microsoft and its products and can define your problem in minutes. They assist you via live chat or by connecting to your device via the Internet. What’s more, you can ask any questions you want – their number is unlimited. The most frequently asked questions on the Howly service include:

How to fix Windows activation errors?

In most cases, such a Windows malfunction occurs as a result of updating Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. An incorrectly performed procedure leads to OS activation failures. To fix the problem, open the Start menu, go to “Settings”, click on the “Update and Security” tab, and then proceed to direct activation. If your license is not valid, you must purchase a new one. Contact Microsoft Windows support to find out how to do this.

How to fix Windows 10 freeze while installing updates?

This is one of the most common issues users report to the Windows help desk. It happens that Windows 10 interrupts the installation at the stage of update downloading. The reason lies in a poor connection to Microsoft servers. In this case, turn off the Internet during the installation. When the system comfortably fits on the disk and starts, turn on the Internet and update Windows 10.

I can’t contact Microsoft Hotmail support. How to fix the Hotmail login issue?

First of all, make sure you turn off “Caps Lock” and spell your email address and password correctly. You can also try creating a new password. Moreover, your account may be deleted if you have not logged in for more than 365 days. In such a case, you cannot recover it.

Get Instant Windows Help 24/7

Feel free to contact Howly if you have any problems with Windows or other Microsoft products. After all, a Windows fix may take a lot of time and effort if you don’t have enough knowledge and skills. Our team of qualified specialists is ready to eliminate technical problems of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Fast response, step-by-step solutions, 24/7 service, personal approach – Howly gives you all this and even more!