Troubleshoot Video Card Easily with Howly Experts

A video card is an essential component of any PC. Whether you’re playing games, working with innovative 3D programs, or just watching movies and shows, you’ll never manage to do this without a graphics card. But as is the case with any hardware, the device comes with a set of issues that usually appear at the most inopportune moment. And if you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for an easy graphics card fix. Well, you’ve found what you were looking for!

Only the best experts can solve serious PC problems effectively. And Howly is the very place where you can get a quick and high-quality fix for any graphics card failure. Excellent technical skills allow our experts to reveal the cause of your problem easily and find the best solutions to fix it. Over 1000 certified professionals are available to you 24/7. They have already solved more than 10 million issues and will handle yours too!

Signs of Graphics Card Errors

If you notice problems in the work of your PC or laptop, it may be a broken video card to blame. How to identify the problem? Howly experts distinguish the following red flags:

  • The graphics card refuses to show the image;
  • You notice different artifacts on the screen (colored stripes, pixels, dots, and other visual debris);
  • Video driver errors appear;
  • The video card produces a lot of noise, rattles, or squeaks;
  • Your PC freezes a lot;
  • The computer speed slows down;
  • The computer shuts down when the graphics system is under heavy load (for example, when launching video games);
  • The blue screen of death appears;
  • The computer doesn’t turn on.

Widespread Video Card Problems

There are many different causes of computer video card problems. Disappointingly, even a new graphics card from the store is potentially prone to malfunction. If you want to restore the normal functionality of your PC, Howly will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible. Here are the graphics card issues our experts can fix:

  1. Video driver errors;
  2. Greasy spots on the video card;
  3. GPU fan rattling;
  4. Squeaky GPU fan;
  5. Incorrect graphics card BIOS;
  6. Freezes (artifacts) after overclocking the graphics card;
  7. Video display memory issues;
  8. Error code 43;
  9. The video card fan isn’t working;
  10. Graphic card no display issue.

These are just some of the most popular issues of our customers. Howly experts have the power to fix all possible video card problems. Tell us about your case, and we’ll deal with it!

How to Fix Video Card Issues

Fortunately, the video card is easy to diagnose. Whatever problem may arise, this little device will definitely give you a sign that something is wrong. Wondering how to fix a graphics card? Check out the solutions to common video card issues. You can also write to us if you have any other questions.

How to upgrade drivers for my graphics card in Windows 10?

Problems with drivers are one of the main causes of different graphics card errors. Therefore, fixing the problem will return the device to a working state. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu with the right mouse button or hold the Win + X keys.
  2. Enter “Device Manager” to see the list of your video card drivers.
  3. Find “Display Adapters” and tap on the arrow to see more options.
  4. Right-click a particular driver and select Properties.
  5. Visit the “Driver” section and then click “Update Driver”.
  6. Choose the option to search for drivers automatically.
  7. When Windows installs all the drivers, reboot your device.

Why is my Nvidia video card not functioning well?

Many users are wondering why the Nvidia graphics card suddenly crashes. Here are the main reasons:

  • Non-compliance with the operating modes recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Poor ventilation;
  • Overheat due to dust accumulation or dry thermal paste; 
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Moisture inside the PC or laptop;
  • Power supply failure;
  • Video card wear;
  • Manufacturing defect.

How to clean the video card from tiny pieces of debris and dust?

You can handle the task without outside help. Follow these steps:

  1. First of all, shut down your computer and remove the power cord. Then disconnect the monitor cable from your graphics card. It can be HDMI, DVI, Display Port, or VGA – it’s not that important, as disconnecting the cable is a quite simple process.
  2. Disconnect the power cable from the graphics card and remove the screws that secure the video card to the case. Next, open the PCIe slot latch and pull out the video card.
  3. To remove dust from the graphics card without disassembling the device, use a can of compressed air. It’s relatively cheap, and you can buy it in almost any electronics store. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust from the heatsink, fans, and any other dirty areas. You can also use a regular vacuum cleaner or blow out the graphics card with the force of your lungs, although these methods are less effective. To clean hard-to-get places, use a brush (for example, cosmetics or painting).
  4. Install the video card back into the computer and connect the power supply cable.
  5. Turn on your desktop computer to check if you fixed the problem.

Why You Need Expert Help to Fix Broken Graphics Card

The video card is one of the key elements of a PC. This is a complex system that includes a GPU, a digital-to-analog converter, and memory chips. If you know nothing about hardware and have never even seen what a video card looks like, it’ll be really difficult for you to fix it. Turning to Howly, you can count on the highest quality approach to solving any of your problems. Our experts work with all models of graphics cards and use innovative technologies to fix computer issues remotely. There’s no need to run for a new video card if your device is malfunctioning – save your money and let Howly deal with your problem!