ScanSnap ix500 not scanning: troubleshoot

Updated: June 13, 2023
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ScanSnap ix500 not scanning: troubleshoot
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What is ScanSnap? ScanSnap ix500 is a highly technological, fast, and appreciative scanner, which offers users many functions. ScanSnap ix500 appeared in the technological industry many years ago and still remains among the leaders in the copy and print sphere. One of the main advantages of the device is the easy usability and spread number of functions on the screen. The easiness of use means people can set up, use and fix the device with their own resources, using only the keyboard and a connected device. In some cases, they turn to the specialists.

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What to do If ScanSnap ix500 will not scan? First of all, read the detailed information about all possible problems and difficulties which may occur during SnapScan ix500 usage or in case ScanSnap ix500 will not scan. Secondly, you have the chance to turn for a consultation with the prepared specialists, information about whom you will find the article.

Restart your ScanSnap

When the ScanSnap 500 does not scan, the first action you should do is to restart the program.

  1. Press the power button and wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Press the power button again to turn on the device.

If the actions above did not help you, then try to reconnect the ScanSnap ix500 from your device by removing the USB cable and then connecting it again.

Connect the USB cable

Sometimes ScanSnap ix500 could not use ScanSnap functions due to the USB hub connection. Try to change the link to the USB cable and the scanner will start working correctly.

Turn off antivirus software

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Make sure that ScanSnap is not being used or checked but the anti-virus software. This program can block some functions of the ScanSnap ix500 driver and it will stop working. Turn off the anti-virus software and launch the scanner to check the status.

Use another USB cable

When the above steps are not working, you can change the USB cable. If the scanner will work after changing the USB cable, then the problem was not in the scanner itself.

ScanSnap ix500 not scanning

Use another USB port

The computer has several ports. Thus, you can change the port to reconnect the scanner to the computer.

ScanSnap ix500 not scanning

Disconnect other USB devices

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Make sure that ScanSnap is not being used by another user or application. Disconnect other USB hardware like scanners, printers, hard disks, and others to stay sure nothing makes obstacles on the way to a stable ScanSnap i500 connection.

ScanSnap Support Tool

Find the ScanSnap support tool on the computer and recover it.

  1. Open the Menu of the computer and press the Programs icon.
  2. Tap the ScanSnap manager and then the ScanSnap support tool.
  3. Press the Recover button to solve the problem.
ScanSnap ix500 not scanning

Delete the device driver

Reinstalling the device driver, you will make ScanSnap ix500 drivers new. To make it, follow the next steps:

  1. Open the Menu of the computer and press Device Manager.
  2. Open it and find the name of the scanner.
  3. Press the button Delete device and turn off the SnapScan by pressing the button on the control panel.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and restart it.
  5. Turn on the ScanSnap ix 500 and start installing drivers again.

Full shutdown of Windows

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It is enough to shut down the Windows in some cases. Thus, turn off the computer and turn it on later. In this way ScanSnap ix500 not scanning orange light can turn into the green one.


What to do if ScanSnap ix500 is not scanning?

Try to restart the scanner or the computer, reconnect the USB cable or reinstall the drivers of the system. One of the actions will help you to renew the scanner work.

How to find ScanSnap ix 500 support tool?

Open the device menu and find their device managers. As soon as you open the manager, you will see the list of devices, among which ScanSnap ix500 will be present. Press it and you will see the support tool.

What to do If the scanner is not turning on?

Check the electrical connections and the state of the cables. When all is okay, make sure that ScanSnap is not being used in an inappropriate way.


To conclude, there are several steps you have to make to understand why is ScanSnap ix500 scan button not working ad fix it. When you cannot restart the device, reinstall the driver, or make other actions on your own, turn to the specialists. The professionals from Howly are ready to assist you and implement all the actions to fix the scanner work process

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