Easy Asus Troubleshooting from Howly

The laptop is a genius invention of humankind. For most people, this is an indispensable device for work and leisure. Everything is great until the first failure appears. Unfortunately, problems may happen even with the most reliable and proven device, such as an Asus laptop. And Howly’s hit statistics show that the laptops of this brand do have some vulnerable spots. No matter what caused the breakdown, you can get quick Asus help on Howly!

A successful Asus laptop repair is possible only if you turn to a good specialist. That’s why Howly is hugely popular. Our skillful experts are well-versed in any technical issues. Their vast experience in laptop repair allows them to identify and fix Asus laptop issues as quickly as possible. Over 1 000 computer geniuses are online 24/7. Just ask your question and get an answer in minutes!

Asus Laptop Problems You Can Fix with Howly

Asus laptops have fairly high reliability of hardware parts. But, despite this, there are some typical malfunctions most often associated with the wear of tangible components and device overheating. Speaking about the principal causes of software errors, we can say that most of them are related to the OS and user apps. Let’s take a look at the top problems with Asus laptops that Howly experts can fix.

  1. Windows upgrade issues;
  2. Asus laptop doesn’t respond to the power button or immediately turns off;
  3. Asus motherboard problems;
  4. Asus laptop battery issues;
  5. Laptop won’t turn off;
  6. Power supply (PSU) malfunctions;
  7. Touchpad isn’t working;
  8. Asus laptop display problem;
  9. Keyboard button replacement;
  10. Asus ROG makes a lot of noise.

Our top professionals can perform a quality Asus laptop repair no matter what your problem is. Each case requires an individual approach, so we find the best solutions for every customer. Moreover, our experts have all the skills to fix any Asus laptop model!

Common Asus Laptop Problems and Solutions

You can solve any Asus problem easier and faster if you know what caused the breakdown. Howly experts need a minimum amount of time to determine the reason for computer malfunction. Moreover, they solve your problem with an Asus laptop online by connecting to your device remotely. That is, you get high-quality service without even leaving your home. Users often turn to Howly with such questions about their Asus laptops:

How to fix Asus laptop overheating?

After some time of using the laptop, the ventilation system gets clogged and passes less and less air inside. In this case, the device repair is simple – it’s enough to disassemble it and remove dirt from the surfaces. You can use a brush or high-pressure compressed air to clean your laptop. It’s recommended to perform this procedure regularly, as exposure to high temperatures sometimes causes unpleasant consequences:

  • Asus laptop overheats and restarts;
  • Asus laptop freezes;
  • The internal components of the laptop are damaged or burnt;
  • The OS slows down;
  • Individual ports or components (speakers, webcam, etc.) don’t work;
  • Stripes on the screen;
  • Fans make too much noise.

Can you help me with the Asus webcam? It doesn’t work correctly.

If the webcam doesn’t work on your Asus laptop, the reason may lie in:

  • Wrong driver;
  • Absence of a driver;
  • Camera hardware failure.

Hardware failures are quite common in Asus laptops. Thus, some users claim that their camera displays an upside-down image. The problem is related to the wrong driver from Microsoft. To fix the issue, install the native camera driver from the official Asus website.

How to fix the Asus laptop keyboard not working?

The keyboard on Asus laptops may fail to work for several reasons. Here are the main problems and their solutions:

  • Microchip failure. If, in addition to the keyboard, the ports and the touchpad don’t work, you may have burned out the microcircuit. Computer specialists from a service center will diagnose the laptop to find out the cause.
  • Viruses. Viruses often damage laptop drivers, and the device stops working correctly. It’s worth running the Dr.Web utility to check the system and remove the found Trojans and other infected software.
  • Defective driver. If the keyboard refuses to work in Windows, reboot into the BIOS and see if the buttons work there. If everything is functioning well, it means that the keyboard drivers are crashed or damaged. Reinstall them.
  • Keyboard clogging. To clean the laptop keyboard, you should use a can of compressed air, which can blow out all the crumbs and dust from under the buttons.
  • Liquid damage. If you spill liquid on the keyboard, the corrosion process may begin. So, you’ll have to take the laptop to a service center for cleaning.

Asus Laptop Troubleshooting Help 24/7

Howly experts have been in the electronic repair industry for many years. So, there are no problems they can’t solve. Just write “Hello” in the chat window and get online consultation from a certified specialist in a matter of minutes. We also care about the privacy and security of our customers and implement innovative technologies to ensure the reliable protection of your data. High-quality repairs, individual approach, and the best solutions to any problems are available to you 24/7! Our experts have already solved more than 10 million requests, and the number of satisfied customers is growing every day. Fixing Asus laptops has never been easier.