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Samanta Jones
Samanta Jones
Tech Expert & Writer
I am having problems with my automated messages
Judi Perez
Judi Perez
Tech Expert & Writer
I have a Facebook account I want to DELETE
but I do not know the password. And it doesn't give me the possibility of changing the password.
Ivy Davis
Ivy Davis
Tech Expert & Writer
I can’t log in to my facebook account because I don’t get the code that
I should receive by sms because it is sent to a number that I no longer have. All devices are disconnected from my account because I changed the password. What should I do to recover my account?
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller
Tech Expert & Writer
My Facebook account was hacked
Hacker change email. Password, phone number.
Jahed Torres
Jahed Torres
Tech Expert & Writer
I have 3 FB accounts and want to consolidate down to 1
I would like to delete my yahoo account. I have a gmail account and an account that is tied to my cell phone where all my friends are. How can I: 1) Delete my yahoo account 2) Move my cell phone account to my gmail?
Hanna Finley
Hanna Finley
Tech Expert & Writer
I was kicked off facebook for a week
And have just been put back on. It seems I was psoting multiple advertisements. I would now like to post an interview that was done with concerning a dcoumentary I wrote 30 years ago...there is no selling just a suggestion to see the documentary on youtube. Can I do this safely?
Vitalii Yovko
Vitalii Yovko
Tech Expert & Writer
I can’t get my game Words with Friends
Christine Tomas
Christine Tomas
Tech Expert & Writer
Can not sigh into Facebook
My wife changed password to old Facebook account
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore
Tech Expert & Writer

What to do if Facebook app is down

Facebook is one of the most popular applications in the world. It allows you to communicate with friends, spread news, learn about something exciting, and even run a business. What should I do if the FB app is down? If it suddenly closes, doesn’t send messages, or other weird things happen while you’re using it, it means you need expert help.

Get consultations from the top experts 24/7

The Howly 24/7 team is ready to help you and fix all the errors in the Facebook application in minutes. Moreover, Howly experts are always ready to help you resolve any issues with applications, operating systems, computers, and smartphones. They will quickly diagnose your device, find out what causes the problem and help you fix it.

People who assist you
People who assist you

People who assist you

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What are the common Facebook app issues Howly experts can fix?

Sometimes, when your Facebook app is down, you need professional advice. Howly experts will help you if:

  1. The Facebook app won’t let you sign in to your profile;
  2. Facebook feed and posts are not loading;
  3. Certain Facebook features are not working;
  4. The Facebook app suddenly closed on the phone;
  5. You can’t see the messages and comments on the Facebook app.

And so on. Our experts can solve any problem with the Facebook app you have on an iPhone or Android smartphone!

If you don’t want to waste your time, feel free to write Howly experts whenever you need professional help.

How do Howly experts solve a problem with the Facebook application?

Howly specialists are always in touch and ready to give you a clear guide to fix any failures with the Facebook app on your device. That’s how they do it:

  • Quickly diagnose the operation of the Facebook application and find the problem;
  • Provide you with instructions on how to fix errors and bugs;
  • Help you set up your application;
  • Stay with you until your problem is fully resolved, and answer any follow-up questions in the chat.

Fix Facebook problems with Howly

Howly experts are ready to help you 24/7. Instead of googling “What’s wrong with Facebook”, write to us in the chat, and we will do our best to help you fix any problem with this application as soon as possible.

You will receive qualified advice and remote assistance in minutes. A friendly attitude is also attached!

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Most common questions about problems in the operation of the Facebook application

Why is Facebook not working? Why did it shut down on its own?

The “Facebook down” issue may indicate a system failure in operating the entire Facebook network. Start with googling “Facebook issues today” and see if there are new publications about problems with this app. If all articles are old, the problem may be in the outdated version of the application. So try updating the application through the Play Market or the AppStore. If this does not help, restart your phone. If this does not help either, you need to diagnose the operation of the application or provide more details about the problem to Howly experts.

Why is the Facebook app so slow today?

There are several reasons for such problems. First, you may have lousy Internet. Then the application won’t be able to load the data quickly. Try connecting to a different network. Perhaps there is some system failure in the network today. To find out about this, Google “Facebook app down” or “Facebook problems today” and check whether there are new articles or forum threads on this topic. If so, this is a Facebook system failure, and you just need to wait until the company fixes it.

Why the Facebook app on Android phone won’t let me sign in to my profile?

If you enter the username and password of your account correctly, there should be no login problems.  But if they persist, you can try to sign in to your Facebook account through the browser. If this login attempt is successful, clear your app’s cache and try signing in to the app on your smartphone again.

For this:

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Tap Apps & Notifications, then tap View All Apps or Manage Apps.
  • Scroll down and open Facebook from the application list.
  • Click Storage & Cache.
  • Finally, click “Clear Cache”.
Why Facebook feed and posts are not loading?

The most obvious solution, if Facebook is not working as you expect and don’t load your feed properly, is to check the Internet. But sometimes, that’s not the problem at all. Then try to update your app or clear the cache. How to do this, we told you earlier.

If an application is still not loading new posts, there may not be enough memory on the phone. Delete all unnecessary files, photos, videos, and unused applications. After that, check the operation of the Facebook application again.

Why certain Facebook features are not working? I can’t post photos on my Android phone.

The most common cause of this problem is that you have disabled your app’s data.

To adjust the operation in normal mode, go to Menu, and click “Applications and conditions”.

The next step is to go to “Application Management,” select Facebook and permit it to post photos and videos and display the console.