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There are many reasons why your iPhone or Android app might be acting up, but we know that getting an answer quickly is important for everyone. That’s why we offer consultations around the clock — so you don’t have to worry about waiting until business hours or trying to figure things out on your own when you have a question. We want all of our customers to feel satisfied and confident in their decision whenever they choose Howly as their trusted mobile apps troubleshooter partner!

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  1. Not start;
  2. Unable to update;
  3. Kicks out of the app;
  4. Unconfirmed credit card charges;
  5. Advertising banners block the screen;
  6. The app is too hard to use;
  7. Trouble syncing with other apps or smartphone features;
  8. An application running slow;
  9. Push notifications that constantly appear without being specifically requested;
  10. Didn’t receive email or message with a confirmation link after registration;
  11. The smartphone heats up when using the application;
  12. Profile in the app is disappeared;
  13. App not updated;
  14. App stopped working after smartphones update;
  15. Problems with the subscription.

If you have any of these problems above, or any else type of mobile apps issues – please feel free to ask our consultants.

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