How to create an ad account on Facebook

Updated: April 14, 2023
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How to create an ad account on Facebook
by Zachary Finkelstein
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In fact, Facebook is far from a typical social media resource; it’s a powerful tool to promote a business, attract the target audience, and achieve your marketing goals. It may help you advertise and sell your brand, increase people's awareness about your product, and generate leads by launching a campaign via Ad Manager. This is an advantageous way to make your business highly successful. Indeed, once creating a new Facebook ad account, you can analyze the market and segment users by plenty of important criteria, including behaviors, interests, and demographics, which allows you to attract more customers.

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Willing to advertise your brand on Facebook but don’t know how to start? Don’t worry; Howly will get you covered! But before we reveal comprehensive guidelines on how to create a new Facebook ad account, you primarily need to set up a profile in Business Manager. So, let’s deal with it!

How to make a Business Manager profile

Why may you need Business Manager? What is it? It’s a handy tool designed for managing FB business assets, including advertisement accounts, pages, Meta pixel, and profiles in social media. Keep in mind that a new BM account must be associated with your business profile so that you get admin permissions and be able to access all the accounts, assets, and tools and, correspondingly, create a new ad account on Facebook. So, this is how to sign up and associate your business FB page:

How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Provide your personal and business details and move on.
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Add other business details and hit Submit.
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • You’ll notice a pop-up window informing you that the profile has been created. Check out your mailbox for a verification email and hit Confirm Now.
How to create ad account on Facebook

As soon as you hit the button, you’ll be redirected to your new account. The first stage is over! Everything is easy, isn't it? The next steps will help you set up the profile properly.

How to add your FB page to Business Manager with no hassle

There’s no way to take advantage of the Business Manager tools without linking your business page. Luckily, the process takes a minute:

  • Head to the Business Settings section using the gear icon.
  • Pick Accounts -> open Pages.
  • Enter the URL of your business FB page and tap Add.
How to create ad account on Facebook

How to create Facebook ad account

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As soon as you’ve set up your profile in Business Manager and linked your company’s page, it’s time to create an ad account on Facebook. This is where you’ll run and manage your advertisements on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Explore the Business Settings section and tap Ad Accounts (find it under the Accounts tab).
  • Tap the Add button to access the dropdown menu of available options.
  • Pick Create a new account. You also have an alternative to add an account to your profile and request access to another ad account.
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Fill in the info about your new ad account: come up with its name, choose a time zone, and pick the most appropriate payment option and currency. Think twice before picking a time zone and currency, as you won’t have the option to change them later.
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Choose whether you’ll use this account for your own or another business and tap Create.
How to create ad account on Facebook

How to add payment options when creating a new ad account on Facebook

If you’re eager to create a Facebook ad account, it’s important to set it up in the best possible way to make your business campaign successful. Thus, you can add and edit various payment methods, set spending caps, and keep track of the upcoming billing dates. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Move to Ad Account Settings and pick Payment Settings.
  • Hit the button saying Add Payment Method.
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Pick a convenient method: PayPal, your debit or maybe credit card, or other available option.
How to create ad account on Facebook
How to create ad account on Facebook
  • Provide the required banking info.
  • Hit Next.


How to edit payment options in my FB ad account?

Move to the Payment methods through the settings and tap the (...) icon next to the method you’re willing to edit. When the pop-up list appears, pick Edit. Make the necessary changes and tap Save.

Can I make an ID on Facebook Ads Manager if I don't associate it with my personal FB page?

You are allowed to access Ad Manager only via the business account linked to your personal FB profile. Therefore, you can’t create a FB ad account without your personal page.

How many payment methods should I add to my ad account?

It’s better to supplement your FB ad account with at least one extra payment option. The point is that if your primary billing option fails, all your business campaigns will be automatically stopped. And a secondary method saves you the trouble, allowing Facebook to bill it in case something happens with your primary option.


Online marketing brings a lot of benefits if you come up with an effective advertising strategy. But this all starts small with the creation and proper ad account setup. And now you know how to do it smoothly since the algorithm is simple – sign up to Business Manager, attach your business profile, and create a Facebook ads account. The process itself is rarely troublesome. Howly customers usually report problems while setting up their accounts. Keep in mind that our experts will never refuse you help when difficulties arise. We’re ready to deal with any of your issues 24/7; just ask your question!

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Jay Jay
Invalid Date
Facebook ads ecosystem performs truly well. I’ve long planned to start here and so I finally registered my business account. Everything is simple!
Preston Kline
Invalid Date
I’m going to run a Google Ads campaign as well. Is it a good idea?
Omar Blair
Invalid Date
Facebook ads are a powerhouse. I had a lot of positive experiences advertising on fb, even though I no longer use it now.
Invalid Date
My account is disabled!! What can I do? Help!
Susan Case
Invalid Date
I do love dealing with facebook – easy account creation and management, profound analytics, plenty of tools… It’s convenient to use it.
Invalid Date
My ads are close to death, but so far I have only used Instagram and Tiktok for advertising. I am in a big niche so it’s a bit complicated for me to succeed. I’m going to create an fb ads account now, maybe it will help me.
Jenny Logan
Invalid Date
It seems that Facebook has complicated things, but that’s not so.
Invalid Date
It’s hard to tell that facebook ad account creation is intuitive. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken me without your guidance.
Invalid Date
I'm still new to this platform. Just created a business account and explored the features of Ad Manager. I hope everything works out!
Sally Wright
Invalid Date
I want my advertising campaign to be as easy as creating an account!
Invalid Date
There is nothing that will replace Facebook when it comes to online business promotion. I've been successfully running two accounts for over three years now and just created another one.
Nick Kent
Invalid Date
I am not 100% done with facebook, but as soon as I created an ad account the situation got better.
Invalid Date
Does anybody here use other platforms to advertise as well? Can you share some?
Emma D.
Invalid Date
I appreciate their support team. They reactivated my account very quickly.
Russell Garner
Invalid Date
Everyone else seems to be getting brilliant performance on Facebook but I still can’t do well. FB ads seem dead for my business.

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