What is the RPMB fuse on Galaxy Note 9? A quick answer for Howly experts!

Updated: May 19, 2023
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What is the RPMB fuse on Galaxy Note 9? A quick answer for Howly experts!
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Many Samsung owners report RPMB fuse set showing up in the top left corner of their phone screen. What does this mean? Is this a problem? In fact, you can solve the issue yourself, and there’s nothing complicated. We’ll tell you what RPMB fuse means on Galaxy Note 9 and how to get your device running.

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What does RPMB fuse mean?

RPMB is short for Replay Protected Memory Block – a fuse set used to provide security and protection of sensitive information (such as fingerprints data, secure payment keys, etc.) stored in a specific memory area of ​​your smartphone. RPMB fuse on Galaxy Note 9 appears when you are trying to install or are already using the wrong firmware.

What does RPMB fuse mean?

Another inscription that you can see together with the RPMB fuse is the FRP lock, which prevents third parties from accessing your device and stealing or deleting your private data after a factory reset in case you’ve lost the phone. FRP lock suggests that you have logged into your Google account and will need to enter your email details, such as password and address, after your phone is reset. But how to boot your phone if you face RPMB fuse on Galaxy Note 9? There is an easy solution!

  1. First, you need to switch your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to download mode. For this, press and hold the Bixby button, the “volume -” button, and the power button.
  2. You will see a warning menu with two options:Continue
  3. Choose the first one by pressing the “volume +” button to install a custom OS.
  4. And so you get into download mode. Press two buttons – “volume -” + power, and hold until the screen goes black.
  5. That's it. Wait for the phone to load the operating system.
Switch Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Download Mode

As you can see, there’s no reason to stress out if you see the text RPMB fuse on Galaxy Note 9. It appears on all Samsung phones and isn’t a problem at all. The above-mentioned method will help you boot the device, so just make these simple steps, and you’ll restore the functionality of your device to normal!

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