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Almost 30% of mobile phone users opt for Samsung. The smartphones of this brand deserve all respect. Lightweight and comfortable, they delight the eye with a bright screen and an excellent camera. Users who purchase Samsung Galaxy smartphones do not regret anything. However, they mention some smartphone issues and often ask for help with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and many other models. So, they turn to Howly, as it’s the best place to fix any smartphone!

Howly has already solved over 10 million technical problems thanks to our skillful experts. Indeed, each team member has extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in the technology field. In addition, more than 1000 top specialists are available to you round the clock. So, if you need Galaxy S7 help or seek support with any other Samsung model, online consultation with a Howly expert will be the best option for you!

Samsung Galaxy Issues Howly Experts Can Fix

Some users turn to customer centers for Galaxy S6 help and then complain about poor service and expensive repairs. However, it’s possible to reanimate a Samsung smartphone at home if you know what to do. Howly experts give consultations online, providing the most comfortable conditions for our clients. Whether you need help with Galaxy S5, S10, or S8 plus – the best experts will give you instructions on how to solve any problem with any Samsung Galaxy model. These are the issues our specialists solve every day:

  1. Fingerprint sensor problem;
  2. Bluetooth connection issues;
  3. Wi-Fi isn’t working properly;
  4. Poor performance;
  5. Poor camera quality;
  6. Sound problems in games;
  7. Slow battery charging;
  8. SIM card/network issues;
  9. Problems with push notifications;
  10. Random smartphone restarts.

These are the most popular Samsung Galaxy issues that customers ask Howly to fix. However, our experts also deal with rarer and more complex problems. Therefore, feel free to contact Howly in case of another Samsung Galaxy malfunction – we’ll handle it together!

Common Samsung Galaxy Problems and Solutions

The range of problems with the Samsung Galaxy is quite diverse. Malfunctions can occur due to improper exploitation, parts wear, moisture ingress, and many other reasons. And in order to fix your smartphone, it’s essential to identify the cause of the breakdown.

Therefore, Howly experts conduct a thorough diagnosis by connecting to your device remotely or learning the finest details about your problem via live chat. This allows our specialists to puzzle out the issue and provide you with the best solution to the problem. Here are the questions users ask most often:

I need Galaxy S8 help. How to fix the red screen on the phone?

Many Samsung users often encounter color distortion when purchasing smartphones in online stores. You can solve the problem with a subsequent firmware update. It is also possible to fix the screen color by going to the Display settings and selecting one of the suggested modes: Adaptive Display, AMOLED Cinema, or AMOLED Photo. Try switching these modes and observe how your screen reacts. For example, if you return the mode to “Adaptive,” the red tint might disappear.

I can’t turn on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. What to do?

There are several issues due to which Samsung edge won’t turn on:

  • Battery is discharged;
  • RAM storage is full;
  • Battery overheating;
  • Mechanically broken power button;
  • Charger breakdown.

You can get Galaxy S7 edge help and solve the problem by doing the following:

  • Perform a Soft Reset with ADB Fastboot utility or by holding the power and volume down buttons (it’s better to back up your data before the procedure).
  • Do a Hard Reset by holding the power, volume up, and menu buttons.
  • Reinstall the software.

How to fix overheating on the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Users often seek Samsung Galaxy S10 help because their device gets very hot. So, we offer some simple solutions to prevent overheating:

  • Keep your device away from environmental factors that may increase its temperature. For example, avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight or a stuffy car.
  • Close apps you no longer use.
  • Lower the screen brightness a bit.

Call Samsung support to get a new smartphone if you still notice severe overheating.

Get Professional Samsung Mobile Support 24/7

The number of smartphones in the world has long exceeded the number of people. And it’s not surprising, as it’s difficult to imagine modern life without these useful devices. Therefore, when your Samsung Galaxy doesn’t function properly, you want to fix your smartphone as soon as possible. And Howly gives you such an opportunity! Just write in the chat window why you need help with your Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other device, and our expert will answer you in 1-2 minutes. The number of questions is unlimited. Moreover, we’ll assist you until the problem is solved. So, your smartphone will always get good care!