Top solutions to Android apps keeps crashing issues

Apps keep closing without reason? Android freezes as soon as you run a game? A messenger crashes at launch? There’s an enormous diversity of apps, both default and downloaded from Play Store. Although users expect Android software to work flawlessly, that’s far from the case. And you’re unlikely to find at least one application immune from bugs and crashes. However, expert troubleshooting is always easy, and you can get it from Howly even now!

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Howly experts are well-familiar with the Android system. These are the most trusted tech specialists repairing faulty software throughout the years. Therefore, our professionals have the power to stop app from crashing in minutes. They’ll give your phone a fresh lease of life so you can enjoy a seamless app performance without bugs, freezes, or crashes. Besides, Howly specialists work 24/7 and repair all Android phone brands.

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People who assist you

People who assist you

We are confident that our experts are the best professionals you can meet on the web. They are top economists, beauty consultants, electronic engineers, and other specialists who have real superpowers to solve problems at a distance. Everyone who chats with you on Howly has successfully passed our 4-step verification and proven their competence. Now they are here to provide you with real expert answers and working solutions.

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App keeps crashing bugs Howly solves with ease

About 70% of smartphone owners have Android-based devices. And all of them agree that apps keep crashing issues are the most annoying. Indeed, it’s rather infuriating when games or social media apps work inappropriately. So, we have a great flow of customers seeking to fix Android apps right here and now. These are the top problems our experts deal with: 

  • apps stuck when loading;
  • several apps keep crashing;
  • repeating shutdowns;
  • game freezes/lags;
  • app launching issues after updates;
  • app update refuses to start;
  • games fail to run;
  • camera app keeps stopping;
  • troubles downloading applications;
  • Play Store refuses to load.

Fail to spot your app problem? Take it easy, Howly professionals fix any software bugs and will help you anyway.

Why are Android apps crashing?

Why is my Android crashing apps? This question is more than relevant these days. Despite a whole variety of phone brands available on today’s market, the causes of app crashes remain the same. So the following list will help you diagnose the problem

  • poor Wi-Fi;
  • lack of free storage;
  • outdated app/Android version;
  • faulty updates;
  • disabled permissions;
  • power/battery issues;
  • Android glitches;
  • viruses.

Find it hard to identify what caused your Android app to malfunction? Ask Howly for a quick online diagnosis!

Get expert help to fix apps crashing on Android right now

What do you usually do if an app keep closing? Most users just refuse the problematic program or game by deleting it for good. But what if the issue occurs with a default app or it’s impossible to find alternative software? To say more, even a minor bug may grow into a pernicious problem, spoiling both your user experience and Android performance. So, you’ll be happy to know that now, you can bring your favorite application back to life irrespective of the severity of its crashes. That’s what Howly experts are best at! 

The great thing is that any app crash has a quick fix. Whether the problem lies on the surface or somewhere deep in the OS, Howly will help you sort it out and return the functionality of a faulty app. To get instant troubleshooting from our experts, write several words about your Android bug in the chat window.
Everything is simple and clear!

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Explore the Android apps crashing issues our customers ask us about. Seek more details on how to fix crashing apps on Android?

How to run PUBG mobile if the game is stuck on the logo?

Such game problems typically arise due to full internal storage, so clear the cache and uninstall the unneeded apps. Also, make sure your Android is compatible with the system requirements to run PUBG. Finally, reboot your phone and access the game again.

What to do if my Android app closes automatically even without launching?

If all other applications work well, uninstall the faulty program and then download it again. Moreover, it’ll be useful to check out the Play Store for software updates. If you’ve been using the app for a long time, it makes sense to clear its cache.

Why do all the apps on my phone keep crashing?

If all your apps force closing, the cause may lie in low storage space which traditionally makes phone programs and games behave weirdly. Another probable reason refers to malware. If your apps require the internet, network issues may be a culprit.

My Android fails to update apps. How to fix the problem?

Ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough since connectivity issues often cause update failures on Android devices. The wrong date and time may trigger the problem as well, so check the settings. In addition, try clearing the accumulated cache in Google Play Store.