Updated: May 09, 2023
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Lyft says "Default Payment method Invalid"

Short summary:

  1. Use a legit credit card instead of a debit or prepaid card.
  2. Update the Lyft app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Check if payment information is correct in the "Payment" section of the Lyft app.
  4. Log into your Lyft account on another device to check if the issue is account-specific.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the Lyft app on your device.
  6. Check payment information again and try making a payment.

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Would you be so kind to tell me more about that issue?

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Make the usual car request. Hit Select Lyft, Confirm and Request. Then i get the error message. "Default Payment method Invalid"


If its a debit card or a prepaid card, their system isn't set up for it. It must be a legit credit card. They also dont take AMEX. Is it your case or it worked fine previously?

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It also says "please update or choose a new default payment method to use Lyft"
I've been using the same card with Lfty for years. It's a Debit and never had any problems?

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Have you recently updated the Lyft app on your device?

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I have not, Just a restart?

On what device do you use it, please?

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Samsung Droid

Top answer

You can check out Lyft app in Google Play and choose 'Update' option if it is available

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The app says it was last updated on 11/8.
That was after I used the service previously?

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Do you see options to 'Delete'/'Open' or to 'Delete'/'Update' on Lyft's page in Google Play?

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Yes, Uninstall / Open

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Okay, it means the app is updated.
Could you please go to your Lyft account and check if your payment method is correct and maybe correct or re-enter it?
1)Open the Lyft app.
2)Open the menu in the top left.
3)Tap 'Payment' to add or update payment info.

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I've Done That 6 or more times over the last couple of days.

And you are sure everything is entered correctly?

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Did it again

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Can you please try to log into your account on another device or in a web-browser using Incognito mode to check if the issue persists on other devices, so we can be sure that it's an account issue and not app issue on a specific device?

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It worked on my laptop. So, I should uninstall?

Yes, please, try to uninstall the app from your mobile and install it back again

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All good now. Thanks for your help.

I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

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No, Squared away. Much appreciated.

Thank you for chatting with us today! :)
We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

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Leo Cooper
Invalid Date
I've been using the same payment method for years without any issues. Why is it suddenly not valid?
Invalid Date
👏 Great job on helping to troubleshoot the issue!

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