Troubleshoot Mobile Apps Installation Problems with Howly

The great advantage of Android is that you can download many popular apps from the Google Play Store. But sometimes it happens that there’s no program you need, so you download it from third-party sites. And this is where people often encounter the “Android app not installed” error. This may be annoying since you really need this app but can’t use it. However, it’s not that hard to fix the “app not installed” problem. You can do it easily with Howly!

Our experts are the main reason why you should choose Howly. They aren’t just certified specialists but also good-hearted and responsive people who love to help others. More than 1000 top professionals deal with all kinds of technical problems 24/7. The vast experience of our specialists allows them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Thus, they’ll help you fix the “Android app not installed” error as quickly as possible.

Most Common App Not Installed Issues

The “app isn’t installed” problem is quite popular nowadays. Many people give up on the idea of using the application when such an error crops up. Have you also encountered the problem of installing programs on Android? Find an instant solution with Howly! Our clients’ requests usually touch upon the following issues:

  1. App installation keeps stopping;
  2. The app doesn’t open after installation;
  3. Google Play Store bans app installation;
  4. Waiting for download error in the Google Play Store;
  5. Installing apps from unknown sources;
  6. App not installed problem in Android;
  7. Moving installed apps from SD card to internal storage;
  8. Problems reinstalling apps;
  9. Deleting the APK file after installing the app;
  10. App installation doesn’t start.

This is just a tiny part of the technical issues the Howly team deals with. You can ask us any questions, even if your problem isn’t on the list. Our experts have the necessary skills and knowledge to resolve any application not installed errors and many other Android problems.

How to Fix the “App Not Installed” Problem: Quick Solutions

Fixing “app not installed” issues will take you a minimum of time and effort if you turn to Howly. Our experts solve phone problems online using modern IT tools. Thus, they may connect to your device using the Internet and fix problems remotely if needed. Moreover, Howly experts are happy to share their knowledge with you and provide you with useful techno tips in a live chat. Meanwhile, check out frequent “apps not installed on Android” problems and their solutions.

I encounter a “waiting for download” error in the Google Play Store. What can I do?

It happens that Google Play gets stuck on waiting for download error. The problem is quite common. Follow these steps one by one:

  1. Reboot your device;
  2. Check if the Internet is working;
  3. Check the amount of free space in your phone’s memory;
  4. Enable and disable auto-update;
  5. Clear the Play Store cache and restart your phone;
  6. Give the Google Play Store all necessary permissions;
  7. Find Android System WebView in Google Play Store and update the app;
  8. Turn off VPN;
  9. Go to Application Manager and reset app preferences.

How to enable unknown sources on Android 11?

First of all, we want to warn you that installing an APK application from an unknown source can harm your device. If you’re sure the application is trustworthy, follow these steps to enable installation:

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Find the “Security” tab;
  3. Scroll down until you see the option “Install from Unknown Sources”;
  4. Select the source where you’re going to download the application;
  5. Enable it and restart your phone.

How to fix the “app not installed” on an Android phone?

To get rid of installation errors on Android, try the following methods:

  1. Close all programs and restart your phone;
  2. Find a reliable resource to download the application;
  3. Install the application on internal storage;
  4. Clear the cache by downloading Phone Manager from the Google Play Store;
  5. Go to your phone settings and enable app installation from unknown sources.

Get Instant Help with Apps Installation Errors

Some people think that technical problems require time-consuming and complex solutions. However, this is just a popular misconception. And Howly is clear evidence. Indeed, app installation error is a common problem, but you can fix it instantly if you know what to do. Ask us a question – and our skillful expert will take all necessary steps to ensure you can download and use your favorite apps with no problems!