Can I use WhatsApp on my iPad? A quick answer!

Updated: June 16, 2023
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Can I use WhatsApp on my iPad? A quick answer!
by Vitalii Yovko
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WhatsApp has earned the recognition of a billion users. This handy messenger offers all the features for pleasant chatting with those you love – you can write texts, send video files, share funny pictures and stickers, create group chat rooms, make calls (both audio and video), and much more. The application works well on both Android and iOS, but its fans are wondering, "Can WhatsApp be used on iPad?" and looking for ways to install their favorite application on this device. Don’t rack your brains! We’ll tell you how to solve the problem – it’ll take you only a couple of minutes! But first, let's answer the question, "Can WhatsApp be used on iPad directly?"

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So, can WhatsApp be used on iPad?

The developers have optimized WhatsApp for iPhones, Android, and PCs, but they have passed up another popular platform – the iPad. It’s all about the technical side of the issue and some bugs with encryption that the developers have yet to solve. Therefore, the application is not yet officially available for iPad users.

However, there is a possibility that the situation will change soon. After all, impatient users are tormented by the question, "Can WhatsApp be used on my iPad?" So the developers are trying hard to fix the problem. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the WhatsApp clients on your iPad. It's quite simple, and we'll tell you how to do it!

How to use WhatsApp on iPad: tips & tricks

Now that we have dealt with the question "can WhatsApp be used on iPad?" we can go directly to setting up the application. Follow the below-listed steps, and you'll get WhatsApp on your iPad in just a few minutes!

  • Enter the Safari browser on your iPad and visit You’ll spot a QR code that will be needed later, so don't close the page.
The QR code In the Safari
  • Take your iPhone (or Android), launch WhatsApp, and head to Settings.
  • Select Linked Devices and then tap Link a Device.
  • Now it remains just to scan the QR code demonstrated on your iPad to link the new device.
  • That's it. You can bookmark the app in the Safari browser or add WhatsApp to your home screen for more convenience.
Adding WhatsApp to your home screen for more convenience

Now, all the principal WhatsApp functionality is accessible from your iPad, including picture-sharing and sending video or voice messages. So you can use the application anytime your smartphone isn’t at hand. Please note that if you have many messages, wait until they are downloaded. The waiting time depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

How to make WhatsApp home screen shortcut on iPad

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While you can open Safari and use WhatsApp, it's still more convenient to have the app within easy reach. We're here to help you with any issues, so check out our simple instructions on how to add the WhatsApp app to your iPad's home screen.

  • Go to WhatsApp in your Safari browser and click on the Share icon in the upper right corner, to the right of the search bar.
How to make WhatsApp home screen shortcut on iPad
  • Find the Add to Home Screen option and select it, then click Add.
The Add to Home Screen option
  • Go to the home screen to check if the WhatsApp screen shortcut has been added.

Now you have your favorite app at your fingertips. Enjoy it!

Can WhatsApp be used on iPad just like on iPhone or Android?

Although WhatsApp demonstrates decent performance on the iPad, there are still some limitations you should be aware of in advance. Here's what you can expect:

  • Periodic lags. Since you are using the web version of WhatsApp but not the official application for iPad, occasional lags are quite normal. If you prefer a super-fast response, it's better to use WhatsApp on your phone.
  • A different list of contacts. Contacts sync with your phone, not the iPad. But this is unlikely to upset you.
  • Video and audio calls aren’t available. Fortunately, these features are available only in the WhatsApp app. So you won't be able to call your friends or family from the web version.
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