Laptop Keyboard Issues Troubleshooting with Howly

Almost every user has faced a situation when the keyboard is not working on the laptop. The reasons can be different – from the manufacturing defect to the ordinary breakdown during use. The problem seems complicated since it’s not so easy to change the fall-down keyboard on a laptop or solve other similar issues at home. However, Howly specialists can help you fix your laptop keyboard easily and promptly, even at a distance!

If you realize your keyboard is broken, we advise you to seek help from Howly. The goal of our service is to provide you with comprehensive step-by-step assistance to resolve all technical issues you have. Our chat works for you at any time of the day, so we can help you fix the keyboard on your laptop as quickly as possible. We work with any hardware and any operating system – Windows, Linux, or Mac. Just write to us, and in a matter of seconds, our operator will contact you back.

Causes of a Non-Working Laptop Keyboard

The “laptop keyboard stopped working” issue can appear due to two groups of reasons. The first is hardware, and the second is software.

Hardware reasons include:

  • Keyboard malfunction when using the laptop for the first time;
  • The ingress of contaminants into the keyboard;
  • Physical damage to the keyboard;
  • Low laptop battery. 

Software reasons are:

  • Operating system failure;
  • Malware;
  • Problems in device settings;
  • Lack of language layouts;
  • Sticky keys;
  • Lack of memory in the laptop, which provokes a stop of tasks;
  • Other software problems.

Sometimes a problem can lie in several causes at the same time. But don’t worry. Any of them will be determined by Howly experts. Even if you don’t observe obvious signs, contact Howly for a comprehensive analysis of your device. Sometimes your laptop keyboard doesn’t work properly when there is a more significant problem with your device that you should resolve. So don’t wait for Mon – contact us the moment you discover something is wrong with your device.

Fixing Keyboard Problems Tips from Howly

We have some simple tips you can try to fix your laptop keyboard:

  • Check the equipment at the place of purchase. This will help you avoid conflict with the sellers and prevent you from making a return;
  • Reboot your laptop. Sometimes, it is the easiest way out;
  • Update your Windows. If you have the old version of an operating system, install the new one. The keyboard may not work for this reason. In addition, your laptop will run faster after the system update.
  • Scan the device for viruses. Uninstall potentially dangerous programs from your device;
  • Reinstall drivers. Outdated drivers can block the operation of the keyboard;
  • Try connecting a portable keyboard to your laptop.

Keep in mind that some of these options have only a temporary effect. For a final solution to the problem, contact Howly professionals.

The Howly Expert Help

If you don’t want to waste your time figuring out why your laptop keyboard is not working, it’s time to turn to Howly. You don’t need to rush to change your device, as fixing the keyboard is fairly easy. We will advise you in detail so that such a problem will never bother you again.

Our specialists will point out to you all existing problems and select the most appropriate solution. To do this, just contact us in our chat – and the operator will advise you right away. 

Moreover, we can solve any other technical issues you face. For example, if you need a guide on how to reinstall your Windows or instructions on how to use an Android device that you haven’t worked with before, we can help you, too. 

The advantage of Howly is that the communication process is quite simple. You don’t need to wait until the weekend is over. Also, you don’t need to write emails and wait long for a response. We adhere to simplicity and lightness.

Frequent Questions from Howly Users

Here we provide some of the most common questions about the situation when the keyboard suddenly stopped working our users ask in chat.

How to fix sticky keys on Windows?

You need to disable the sticky keys option in your computer settings. If it’s Windows, click “Start”, then “Ease of Access,” and then “Keyboard”. Settings and features may vary depending on your device type.

How to properly clean the keyboard?

To clean the keyboard, you will need:

  • A mini vacuum cleaner with reverse airflow;
  • A canister with compressed air;
  • A hairdryer (use only cold air).

You can also use a cotton swab to remove dust and dirt more accurately.

Note that if the dirt is already under the buttons, ask the manufacturer about the possibility of removing them. Don’t risk doing this without consultation.

What to do if only a few keys do not work?

Don’t rush to think that the laptop keyboard is broken. Perhaps you just need to deal with a few keys. To do this on Windows, press the combination Fn + Num Lock. On iOS, you need to press such a key combination: Option + Command + F5. Then choose the operation of the keyboard and adjust the settings.

Found a problem with the keyboard? Fix you from the comfort of your home. Howly specialists are ready to help you 24/7. We are waiting for you in our chat!