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I have a new phone that has just been activated I am trying to put my internett details on it but it keeps refusing my password

Not sure what password it wants my account one or one on bottom of modem anyway it won’t go through

Short summary:

  1. Check the Wi-Fi password and ensure it's correct.
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Forget the Wi-Fi network on your phone.
  4. Restart your modem/router.
  5. Reconnect to Wi-Fi using the correct password.
  6. Verify if other devices can connect to the network.

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Nice to meet you, *****! Are you trying to connect it to your Wi-Fi, correct?

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Got you
It has to be the password from your modem or, if you have changed it, the current one then

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I tried the password on modem ***** but it wouldn’t accept it

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Is any other device at your home connected to this Wi-Fi?
Maybe your computer?

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No it comes up TP-2,4GHz-441994 denied access

lg tv

Where does it come up?

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i don’t have computer
on my new phone

Okay, noted
Are there any other devices connected to this Wi-Fi?

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No I don’t have a computer just my tv

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Is your TV connected to this Wi-Fi?

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i think so it’s a smart tv but I had no problems setting up old phone with tpg

Okay. What is the model of your TV?

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i don’t think it’s got anything to do with connecting wi fi to my phone it it’s a lg

I know. But what I want to do is check the Wi-Fi password on your TV and then try it on your phone
I need the model because the way to check it may vary

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Ok will see if it’s on tv

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Top answer

Please, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings screen and select
2. If Network & Internet are selected, then Network & Internet.
3. Using Wi-Fi Direct is the best option.
4. Select Wi-Fi Direct Settings from the list of options.
5. Go to Show Network/Password on your browser.
6. Television screens will display the SSID and WPA key together.

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I found this number 720326 55UK7550PTA LG

Where did you find it?

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On back of tv my internett works on tv

Okay, have you followed the instructions above?

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sorry I don’t understand it couldn’t I just go through to TPG and the connect me I did that last time I had a problem but cannot do it this time as my phone new phone not working and my old phone is now disconnected

Which step of the instruction did you get stuck at?

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I don’t understand any of it I only use my tv for free to air. Stations

Earlier you said it is connected to your Wi-Fi. Is it correct?

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I am sorry but I am 73 years old no idea about technology but just wanted to connect wi fi to new phone should be easy

I understand you. But if the Wi-Fi isn't connecting, it could be that the password was changed and now is different than one on the modem
Okay, let's try other ways
Please, try restarting your phone

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Well that is why I want to contact them they didn’t say it was I only ported from another phone

after that try connecting again

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Keep me updated

Customer Replay

It’s working

It connected, right?

Customer Replay

Yes it did thank you

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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no thank yo

You're welcome!
Please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you. Have a nice one!

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I feel your pain! I recently got a new phone and had a similar problem with the wi-fi password. It took a few tries, but I eventually got it sorted.
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I had a similar problem with my new phone, but I realized that I was entering the wrong password. Double-check the characters and try again.
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  1. Brynn Manning
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    RockabillyRevue, Thanks for the tip!

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