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Basic networks issues that our experts help to fix every day:

  • Cable Is Not Connected: The cable that links two devices might break down, get shortened, or be physically damaged.
  • Internet Connection Not Working: Because the source host cannot connect to the destination host, the port or interface on which the device is connected or set up may be physically down or broken.
  • Configuration Issue: A network fault may occur due to a misconfiguration, looping the IP, routing issues, and other configuration problems.
  • Software Issue: The transfer of IP data packets between the source and destination is disrupted owing to software compatibility difficulties and version mismatches.
  • Overload of traffic: If a connection is overused, the device’s capacity or traffic is greater than the device’s carrying capacity, and the device will begin to act strangely as a result of an overload situation.
  • The problem with a network IP address: Because of incorrect IP address and subnet mask settings, as well as routing IP to the next hop, the source will be unable to connect to the destination IP via the network.
  1. Check the hardware
  2. Use ipconfig
  3. Use ping and tracert
  4. Perform a DNS check
  5. Check on virus and malware protection
  6. Review database logs
  7. Write to Howly experts in live chat 🙂

Network troubleshooting applications that can help you:

  • Packet Sniffer — This program provides a detailed look at a network. This tool may be used to inspect network traffic, identify which ports are open, and evaluate network security.
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer — An analyzer checks for devices and sources of interference in a Wi-Fi signal. This program can assist you in troubleshooting network connection problems on a wireless network.
  • Port Scanner — It searches for open ports on the targeted device and gathers information about them, such as whether they’re open or shut, what services are running on a specific port, and what operating system is installed on the machine. This software may be used to discover which ports are in use and identify potential vulnerabilities in a network.
  • Bandwidth Speed Tester — Simulates a user’s connection to determine the quality of their internet connection. This tool may be used to check user feedback on slow connections or download rates and is often accessed through a third-party site.
  • Protocol Analyzer — Allows an organization’s network to be examined in one centralized location. It integrates diagnostic and reporting capabilities to provide a comprehensive view of the company’s network. Analyzer may be used to solve network issues and detect intrusions.

If nothing above help – write to our network experts and they help you to fix all network issues in minutes!