How to verify on Tinder?

Updated: October 01, 2023
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How to verify on Tinder?
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Tinder is a world-known platform with billions of active users. New members come to the website every day, create their accounts and start dating activities there. Tinder as the leader in the online dating industry has a lot of principles and values, which determine the website as user-oriented and respective.

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Before we start

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The key principle of work is the safety of the user. To guarantee a safe environment, Tinder has developed the verification process, during which each registered member has to confirm their personality and reality of existence. Why should you get verified on Tinder?

Many new members are afraid of the need to complete Tinder verification. However, this process is not as long and difficult as it seems at first sight. What does verified on Tinder mean? Figure out the main obstacles and recommendations below.

What is the verification process?


The verification process on Tinder is the way to confirm your account reality on the platform. After registration, everyone has to verify Tinder profile to start using the opportunities and all functions of the app. The verification process on Tinder means you take a photo of yourself and the program compares whether your profile photos and verification image are the same.

After you get verified on Tinder, the site will let you use the search activity, different filters and communicational options.

Sometimes people confuse verification in a Tinder account with the app verifying process. When you install the app, you have to verify the mobile number. The purpose of this verification is to relate your phone number to the app. With that in mind, do not confuse these two types of verification. Both of them are highly important to continue Tinder usage.

How to verify Tinder: a stepwise guide


The verification process takes up to several minutes and it is totally free of charge. How do you get verified on Tinder? A few following steps will make the verification pretty fast and effective:

  1. Open the app or desktop and sign in your Tinder profile.
  2. Tap your Profile and gray checkmark.
  3. Click Continue to see the instruction.
  4. Make the photo under the requirements in the appeared instruction.
  5. Confirm your selfie is daone and click Submit for review.

Congratulations! You are verified on Tinder now. Pay attention to the photo you make, as it should be similar to the photos uploaded in the profile.

Is it worth getting verified on Tinder?

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It is worth getting verified on Tinder when you want to stay on the app, communicate with people and gain set desires. What does verified mean on Tinder? Your verified profile means a lot to the Tinder user. Among the main advantages you can find:

  • access to searching filters:
  • chance to chat and speak with other users;
  • boost of matches;
  • increased attention of potential partners or friends to your profile;
  • status of safe account;
  • Tinder blue check mark.

How does getting verified get you more matches?


As a user, you come to the platform to see real people, but not bots or fake loop accounts. All the profiles can be divided into two types by safety measures. The first type is all about the unverified accounts, which get the status of suspicious in some way due to the lack of verification information. The other type is the verified account.

Imagine the average user, who has the chance to choose one of those profiles and start communicating. For sure, the member will select the verified account, as the blue mark means the person is real, the photo is confirmed and the system evaluates it as trustworthy.

In such a way, verification gives more chances to find matches. At the same time, unverified profiles have less popularity, which leads to a decrease in attendance of the accounts and losing activity.


How to get a blue checkmark on Tinder?

To get a blue checkmark you have to verify the account. Follow the instructions above to show the reality of your photo.

How long does it take to verify the Tinder profile?

From the technical part the process takes up to five minutes. Some factors like bad Internet connection rather other obstacles can make the verification obviously longer.

Does everyone have to complete the verification?

Most Tinder users who aim for long-term use of the program verify their accounts. Without verification, use is doomed to failure.


To sum up, verification is an important part of Tinder usage. To verify the profile means to complete the registration till the end. Only confirmed accounts are regarded as safe for communication, real and trusted. Whether you have some problems with the verification process, contact the qualified Howly experts, who will assist you with all those questions and problems.

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