How to change Netflix password: fullest online guide

Updated: September 12, 2023
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How to change Netflix password: fullest online guide
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Netflix toughens its policies year by year. So you’ll become obligated to securely manage your credentials. You have multiple ways to reset the Netflix password: from a browser, application, text messages, or by using billing information. We’ve gathered all ways to modify your credentials on this streaming service.

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Before we start

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How to reset your Netflix password if you are currently logged in

You can modify Netflix credentials if you are logged into your account and remember your password. You can do it from a browser or an official app. Run those instructions when you decide to change the Netflix password on the TV app but beware that they may not work with all models. In this case, stick to the browser method.

How to modify the Netflix password from any browser

It’s the easiest way to renew your credentials on the desktop. You can use it with any device, not only with computers. Stick to this guide:

  1. Open the Netflix site and click on your profile icon in the right corner.
  2. Pick Account → Membership → Change password.
  3. Type the password and click Save.

If you want to kick everyone from your account, click on “Require to sign in with a new password”. It deletes the account access from all devices where you previously signed in. No one could log back with old credentials.

H3: How to modify the Netflix password from the phone


Mobile apps have a slightly different user interface. It’s still easy, so you can change the Netflix account password in less than 3-5 minutes:

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  1. Tap on the Menu icon (looks like three stacked lines). It’s located in the top left corner.
  2. Go to the Account → Membership → Change password.
  3. Type your new preferred password.

That’s it. It looks almost identical to the browser version.

How to change your Netflix password if you can’t remember it

You have three solid options for how to change the password on Netflix. If you can open your email, go to Netflix’s help page to get a recovery email. Those who linked their phone to the Netflix account can restore the password via SMS. Recovery via billing info it’s not the common option, but most US users could run it.

Change the password with the email


Another option to change the password on Netflix is by asking them to email you. It’s a great option when you don’t remember it, but still want to use this streaming service. Here are your guidelines to change the password on the Netflix account:

  1. Go to the Help page on the Netflix website.
  2. Pick Email.
  3. Write your email and select Email Me.
  4. You will get a letter with detailed instructions within 2-5 minutes.
  5. Follow the link to log into your account.
  6. Set a new password.

From now on you can use the streaming service with new credentials. Beware that you need to follow the link within 24 hours. After that period it expires, so you need to ask Netflix to send you another email.

How to reset your password by SMS

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It’s another uncommon, but solid way to bring back access to our account. It suits users who linked their mobile number to the account:

  1. Visit the Help page.
  2. Pick SMS.
  3. Write the number synced to the profile.
  4. Select Text Me.

You’ll get a secure code that expires in 20 minutes. If you don’t get it, check the installed messengers. Sometimes it gets redirected there. If you still didn’t get the SMS to change your Netflix password, wait for 5 minutes and ask to repeat those procedures.

Recover your account with the billing information

It’s a working option to change Netflix’s password when you don’t have access to the email and phone number. Here are your guidelines:

  1. Go to Netflix’s help page.
  2. Pick I don’t remember option. If you don’t see it, billing recovery is not available for you.
  3. Type the full name of the account’s owner and the card synced with the profile.
  4. Pick Find Account and choose It’s me option.
  5. Change your password.
  6. Once you logged in, change the login and phone number (optionally).

As you see, you can change the Netflix password even when you remember nothing of your credentials. Instructions can be a little tricky, but they are still working.


Can I change my Netflix password and remove it from all devices? I don’t want friends to use it.

Yes, you can do it when you reset it from the account settings. Simply check the mark “Require to sign in with a new password”. If you don’t remember it, restore access to the account and pick this mark on the profile settings.

How do I change my Netflix password on my tablet?

Sign into the official application and tap on the three lines. Pick Account → Membership → Change password. Set new credentials and tap Save.

How to change my Netflix password if I forgot it?

You can modify credentials via the help center by using your email or phone number. Some users can change it using billing information but it’s still not accessible to anyone.


You have many options to change your Netflix password. Your further actions will depend on the fact whether you remember your email and number or not. If you are already logged into Netflix on some device, you can modify credentials via the phone app or from the browser. If you don’t have devices where you are currently logged in, you can restore access via email, phone number, or even billing information.

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