Why Is My Gmail Not Working? Get an Answer on Howly!

An email has become an important part of our lives no matter what operating system we use. Perhaps already few people use it for friendly or romantic communication, but work issues lead through it. One of the most reliable is Gmail. However, problems may arise with it. So if you urgently need to receive or send an email, and a problem with Gmail suddenly appears, it can be a disaster. However, the causes of the problem can be quite unexpected, and only an experienced specialist can figure it out.

The resolution of the situation can hardly be found on the web, especially if Gmail stops working for a non-standard reason. Of course, you can try to restart your browser or open your mail in a new one, check settings, etc., but if it doesn’t give a positive result, it’s better to seek help. The Howly team faces dozens of similar requests daily and is ready to stay in touch until the problem is resolved. You just need to write, “My Gmail is not working,” – and a personal expert will help you find the cause and provide you with a long-term solution. We are ready to help 24/7.

Gmail Not Working: Possible Gmail Problems and Solutions to Them

If you receive notifications about Google email problems, it could be account removal, password, two-step verification, sync issues, hacking attempt, etc. To resolve some of these issues, you can perform a simple algorithm of actions – reset the computer or clear the cache. The last action is a common solution if you stop receiving messages in your inbox. If there is a problem with the mobile app, you should try to delete and download it again to your Android, iPhone, or iPad. You can also try to go to the mail with incognito mode.

By registering on the Howly site, you don’t have to puzzle over which of the above problems should be solved to use the mail. Instead, an expert will conduct a quick analysis with your help and troubleshoot your problems. As statistics show, most often, Gmail doesn’t work due to unauthorized attempts to log into user accounts. Of course, the Google security service will send you an appropriate message of danger, but it’s not a 100% protection guarantee. An experienced expert can quickly determine whether you have a normal breakdown or scammers are trying to hack you.

Most Popular Causes of Gmail Errors

By checking the dashboard’s status, you can learn a little more about your Gmail error. It will help give a more detailed description to the expert, who will suggest a different action algorithm.

Well, Howly experts divide the reasons for Gmail errors into two categories. The first refers to problems with the Internet, phone, or computer. For example, it may be a rebooted memory, a weak Internet signal, or temporary malfunctions due to technical work.

The second category is usually associated with the user. For example, you could forget your password, follow an unknown link, infect your device with viruses, or accidentally change settings. 

Whatever the cause of the Gmail issue, your Howly consultant will find it. However, knowing the cause doesn’t only help in solving the problem. It also guarantees that the situation won’t repeat itself in the future. The consultant will advise what you can and can’t do with your mailbox.

How Can Howly Experts Help with Gmail Problems?

If it seems to you that these problems are insignificant and you can handle them yourself, that’s great. However, the general decisions made are not always useful. In addition, you may not have enough experience, so you risk losing access to your account. To avoid difficulties, it’s best to contact a proven service like Howly, ready to provide advice immediately. The consultant will clarify the details of the problem and connect you to a quality expert specializing in your problem.

Check answers to the most common questions about Gmail.

Is my Gmail not working due to a bad internet connection?

A malfunction due to poor Internet is quite possible. First, check the signal of your mobile phone or Wi-Fi router. Then, try to download any other application connected to the Internet. The work will be restored with a solid Internet connection if it is a problem.

How to clean a browser cache?

Clearing the cache may restore mail functionality. Go to settings and select Apps & Notifications, find the Gmail app, select Tap Storage & cache and confirm the cleanup.

How to clean a browser cache?

Clearing the cache may restore mail functionality. Go to settings and select Apps & Notifications, find the Gmail app, select Tap Storage & cache and confirm the cleanup.

What are the signs that someone hacked my Gmail account?

The most common signs are:

  • You don’t receive new emails.
  • There are letters in the Sent folder that you didn’t write.
  • Your Gmail has a different IP assigned to it.

So, Why Choose Howly?

After the Gmail fix, you won’t even feel like there was a problem at all. The peculiarity of our service is that new customers receive a trial subscription just for $1 for seven days. Later, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for an adequate fee. And get unlimited access to the knowledge of our experts. So there is no problem we couldn’t solve because every expert aims at a positive result.