How to Fix Samsung TV with No Efforts

Samsung TVs are famous for their high quality and smooth performance. That’s why so many people choose the products of this brand. But unfortunately, not a single device in the world is immune from breakdowns. And Samsung TVs malfunction too. The number of people who complain about problems with the products of this brand is relatively small, but there are still such “lucky” ones. If you’re one of them, welcome to Howly!

Responsiveness, skillfulness, dedication, and the ability to think critically – it’s all about Howly experts. Over 1000 well-trained professionals are online 24/7 to fix your Samsung TV. No fuss and tricky advice – only simple and effective solutions! Our specialists have already solved more than 10 million technical issues, which proves their extensive experience in this field. People trust us with their devices, and we give them a second life!

Samsung Smart TV Defects to Fix with Howly Experts

Do you still call the master or search for “Samsung TV repair near me” if something goes wrong again? Why waste time and money? Just go to the Howly website and get 24/7 support for your TV. We provide professional advice via live chat or connect to your device remotely. Thus, our experts offer top-level solutions for any problems! Here are the most common Samsung televisions issues Howly deals with:

  1. No picture problem;
  2. Non-working HDMI port;
  3. Flashing screen issue;
  4. Backlight failure;
  5. Video broadcast errors;
  6. Vertical stripes on the screen;
  7. TV capacitor failure;
  8. Broken Samsung TV screen;
  9. TV refuses to turn on, but the standby light is on;
  10. Smart TV reboots when launching apps.

If you suddenly thought that Howly could handle only these issues, you’re deeply mistaken. Our specialists are true techno geeks who know how to fix all the glitches with any Samsung TV model. They’ll take on your challenge – just ask a question!

Popular Samsung TV Problems and Solutions

Howly experts point out that most problems with modern smart TVs are easy to fix. However, troubleshooting a faulty Samsung TV can be time-consuming if you decide to deal with the glitches yourself. Moreover, some issues are impossible to solve without a certain technical background. Therefore, most users entrust fixing their devices to Howly. Familiarize yourself with the solutions to the most popular Samsung TV issues. Maybe you’ll get an idea of how to deal with your problem.

I can’t turn on my TV. What to do?

If the standby light is off, the reason is most likely in the source of electricity. Try doing the following:

  • Check the functionality of the outlet by connecting another device, for example, a table lamp or a cell phone.
  • If you connect your Samsung TV to the outlet through an extension cord, check that it’s working properly or try replacing the cord with another one.
  • Check the HDMI cable for damage. Disconnect and reconnect the cable after a couple of seconds. If nothing happens, replace it.

If the standby light is on, then there is another reason for the malfunction. These tips may help you fix the problem:

  • Try turning on the TV from the control panel. If the device works properly, the problem is in the remote control.
  • Unplug the TV, wait for a while, and try turning it on.

How to fix the boot loop on my Samsung TV?

This malfunction is typical for Samsung products that support Smart-TV technology: a continuous reboot occurs due to a firmware glitch or a failed update. Any user will be able to fix the problem by reflashing the device. It’s enough just to follow the instructions of the manufacturer indicated in the manual. You’ll need Howly’s advice if reinstalling the software gives no results. Our specialists will conduct an in-depth diagnosis of your device and perform a targeted set of Samsung TV repairs.

Wi-Fi isn’t working on Samsung TV. How to solve the problem?

There are different ways to fix network issues on Samsung TVs:

  • Turn your TV and router on and off.
  • Put the router in another place.
  • Adjust your router settings.
  • Connect the TV to another network.
  • Check connection settings in Smart TV.
  • Reset your network, television, and Samsung Smart Hub to the factory settings.
  • Change the DNS server.
  • Use the WPS mode by pressing a special button on the back side of the router.
  • Update the television firmware.

Get Professional Samsung TV Repair Online

Round-the-clock online consultations, highly-qualified specialists, and effective solutions to any problems – is the ideal life formula for your device. Stop wasting time searching for “Samsung smart TV repair near me”! Howly will take care of your device in the best possible way. We never set limits – ask as many questions as you need at any time of the day or night. The best experts are always here for you wherever you are. So, tell us about your problem, and we’ll fix your broken Samsung TV as quickly as possible!