Effective Dell Laptop Troubleshooting Tips from Howly

Dell is one of the pioneers of the global laptop industry. Users note the high quality of the company’s products and claim that problems with Dell laptops are quite rare. But fixing a computer without any technical background and special skills turns out to be a difficult and time-consuming task. If you want to fix your device quickly and efficiently, it’s better to turn to Howly for help.

Whatever problem you face with Dell laptops, highly qualified Howly specialists will be happy to assist you. They know everything about Dell products and have long been familiar with all the possible Dell laptop issues. Our team consists of over 1 000 experts so that you can get instant technical support at any time of the day or night. Moreover, you’ll receive lasting solutions to your laptop malfunctions in the shortest possible time!

Dell Computer Problems to Solve with Howly

A Dell laptop is a complex and sophisticated mechanism. If something breaks or doesn’t work properly, it’s better to ask for professional help to fix the device. Online consultation is the best way to solve any breakdowns. Ultimately, Howly experts can handle most problems with Dell laptops in just an hour. At the same time, you will get effective solutions from the comfort of your home. Here are common Dell laptop malfunctions Howly usually deals with:

  1. Dell Inspiron isn’t responding to the power button;
  2. The sound disappears;
  3. Wi-Fi connection error;
  4. Sleep mode crashes;
  5. Frequent reboots after system update;
  6. Dell Inspiron doesn’t launch games;
  7. Vertical or horizontal stripes on the screen;
  8. Battery isn’t charging;
  9. Webcam isn’t working;
  10. Hissing sound in speakers.

This is just a small list of problems that Howly can fix. Ask any questions that bother you, and we will give you the answers! We’ll run the Dell computer troubleshooter, discover what caused the malfunction of your device, and find suitable solutions to your problem. Do not postpone solving the issues – start fixing your Dell crashes today!

Common Dell Computer Problems and Solutions

Howly provides a full range of laptop repair and problem prevention services. Our experts can easily identify the true cause of a breakage via remote connection to your laptop. They consider all possible solutions and suggest those that suit you the most, given the characteristics of your Dell laptop. People come to us with different Dell issues, but their goal is the same – to bring their favorite device back to life as quickly as possible. Check out the most common questions we receive daily:

How to fix the keyboard not working issue on my Dell laptop?

The keyboard is an important part of laptop hardware. So, you need to know how to solve problems when they arise. These simple tips will help you:

  • Enable On-Screen Keyboard in computer settings;
  • Run the keyboard troubleshooter;
  • Turn off fast startup;
  • Check OS for viruses;
  • Uninstall the keyboard driver and install a new one;
  • Update Windows 10;
  • Remove dirt and dust from under the keys.

My Dell laptop restarts frequently. How to fix my Dell computer?

If your laptop restarts automatically, try the following:

  • Make sure your laptop is completely updated. The updates include Windows, BIOS, drivers, and diagnostic utilities.
  • Check the specified hard drive in the BIOS. To do this, turn off your laptop. After pressing the power button, press the F2 key several times until the BIOS window appears. Find “Fixed HDD” in the main menu. If the hard drive doesn’t appear, reset the BIOS to default settings.

It also happens that the hard drive fails. In this case, the only way out is to replace it.

How to fix sound problems on Dell Inspiron?

A large number of Dell Inspiron users have encountered various audio playback issues. For example, our customers often report problems with headphones connection. Some people encounter such issues after updating to Microsoft Windows 10. To resolve the problem, you can connect your headphones while the laptop is in sleep mode. Another option is to reinstall the sound drivers by downloading them from the official Dell website.

Instant Help with Dell Computer Problems 24/7

Dell laptop repair is a technically complex process. And in the vast majority of cases, attempts to diagnose and troubleshoot the unaided device lead to various problems. So, why complicate your life and spend hours or even days on an issue that takes just an hour to solve? Howly has already fixed more than 10 million technical problems, and this number is growing rapidly. Vast experience, modern technologies, and an innovative approach to laptop troubleshooting allow our experts to solve Dell’s problems quickly and efficiently. We are always here for you!