Updated: April 12, 2023
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by Gary Spenser
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We just purchased a new MacBook Air and in setting up the machine it asked for an apple id, we didn't know whether to use the same id on our imac or create a new one

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May I ask you who is the owner of the existing Apple ID? Is the same person going to be using the new MacBook Air?


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I am the owner/ my wife has the new macbook air, therefore the questiion

Got you, sir. In that case, if your wife is going to be using the MacBook Air, it would be better to create a new account.
Would you like to do it now? I can tell you how, it won't take long.

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My concern is the sharing of files between the two machines

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I see. You can still use the MacBook Air under the existing Apple ID account, but the information from your iMac would be synced to the new MacBook Air.
If that's what you are looking for - then this is the answer, but in case you'd like to use the computers separately, it'd be better to create a new account.

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What do you mean by using the computers separately.

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If the new MacBook Air you have purchased is going to be your wife's personal computer, it would be better to create a new Apple ID.
If it's going to be more of a shared laptop, no need to create a new Apple ID account.
However, even if the laptop is under a new Apple ID, you would still be able to share files between two computers.

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How would that occur, as my wife is not very computer literate.

What kind of files would you like to share between the two computers? If you are going to need all of the data on your iMac to be present on the new MackBook Air, logging into your existing Apple ID account would let you do that.

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Thank you, I think it's safer to start out with the same Apple ID and change at a later date as she feels more comfortable.

Sure, you're most welcome! You can always create a new Apple ID account, feel free to come back in the chat any time you'd like if you need any assistance on that or any other request :)
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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Not right now but i'm sure i will be back

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Got you! We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

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