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Gary Spenser
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Gary Spenser

Tech Expert & Writer
Kentucky State University
  • Home networks
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  • Laptops
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  • 4G & 5G connection

Gary Spenser | Tech Expert & Writer | 29 years | Frankfort, KY
People’s dependence on technology has become immense these days. So my task as a tech specialist is to help you manage all your devices without stress and ensure that they function properly. Any issues? Then welcome to my chat. It’s the place of the people who want to get complete solutions for any case.

About Expert

I grew up in a small town where owning a technical device was a kind of luxury. So each time my family purchased something new for our house (which rarely happened), I was mesmerized by it. However, my attention was also often grabbed by the way devices functioned.
When choosing my future career, I decided to stop on Software Development. The area seemed interesting and perspective. But we are only scarcely aware of fate’s twists and turns. My studies turned out to be different from what I imagined, so at some point, I decided to shift my specialization while remaining part of the technological domain.
So here I am – a Senior Tech Consultant willing to solve any of your issues. However complex it may seem, each question should have a solution, and my task is to find it for you. So don’t hesitate to enter my chat, and let’s start troubleshooting together.

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