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My Laser Jet Pro won't print, and continues to provide this message: "Jam in Cartridge area. Open Front door and clear jam."

There is no jam and no paper inside. I've tried unplugging printer cable from printer and from outlet for multiple hours, then plugging in, and it doesn't work.

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What troubleshooting have you done so far?

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Removed all paper that could be contributing anywhere to a jam. Depowering printer for hours, by unplugging cord from both printer and outlet. Then plugging back in, and no improvement.

Thank you! Good to know all of this
Do you have an HP app?

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No. Just the HP printer.


I see
Could you please check again for the paper jam in the printer folders?
Please, look for the input tray, output bin and toner cartridge access area

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I checked them all, and again found no paper jam.

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I see
Did you try to run the diagnosis?

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What does that mean, and what would I do?

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click or double-click the Printers, Printers and Fax, or Devices and Printers icons.
  3. Right-click the printer you want to test and select the Properties or Printer Properties option.
  4. In the printer's Properties window, click the Print Test Page button.
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By the "Control Panel," I assume you mean the little window at left on top of the printer, right? The only elements I see there are "Copy," "Scan", "Jobs," "Fax," "USB" "Supplies" "Apps" and "Setup." I see none that says "Printers" Printers and Fax" or "Devices and Printers." Now what do I do?

I mean, could you please return to the your Windows Start menu and then click Settings, then Update & Security > Troubleshoot. In the Troubleshoot section, under Get up and running, click Printer. Click Run the troubleshooter to begin.

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So you mean on the computer?

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Yes, I mean on the PC

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struggling to come up with a way to get the Windows Start menu, including researching on line, and can' find anyway to do it on this computer and keyboard. Other ideas?

*****, can you check if the toner cartridge is a genuine HP cartridge?

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I don't think it is. It's a recent replacement that says "Compatible for 26X CF226X with a "K" and "Black" Worked fine when installed, then the jam problem came.

Have you tried to remove the cartridge before, sir?

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Yes. And reinstalled.
I received 2 of these recently from Amazon, only one of which has been used. What about my installing the second one and see if things approve? Your thoughts?

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Could you please turn off the printer, open the front door and remove the white foam if not already removed? There's a chance that part of it wasn't removed yet.

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I had already removed the cartridge. I just now turned off the printer and opened the front door. I don't see any white foam at all. Now what?

Is there any chance you can take a photo of the cartridge and attach it here in chat so I can take a look?

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Yes. What I usually do with my phone is take the picture, send to myself via e-mail, and download on computer. But I could also take the photo and e-mail it right to you. Do you want to give me an address and have me do that, or just attach it in char?
I mean "chat"?

The best option is to attach it here in chat, however, you can send it to us via email if it's a better option for you.

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Thank you!
Since you checked the cartridge area and there is no paper or other debris, it looks like the issue is not actually related to the cartridge area. The cause may be the spring on the exit flag of the fuser is wound too loosely.
It requires removing the back cover and if your printer is still under warranty, I wouldn't recommend you do it on your own.

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Printer is not under warranty. It was available for my use at work before I retired in May, 2021, and was given me to take home then. I'm sure the warranty is over. 1. What do I do? and 2. In Oakland where I live is there a Hewlett Packard facility that does repairs so I could take the printer there?

Got it! Thank you for the clarification!
You can remove the back cover, disconnect all of the wire to the main board and remove the plastic wire guide. You will now see the exit flag.
You will need a small flat-tip screwdriver and a hook. With the screwdriver wrap the spring over the top of the flag and grab it underneath with your hook. Pull it over its original resting place and slightly bend the tip of the spring down so it can't unwrap.

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I just opened the back cover and found inside a printed page! That might be the jam! I'll put it back together and see if it is fixed.!

Sounds great! Please keep me updated!

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WOW! WOW! WOW! I reinstalled the cartridge, put the back on, plugged cables back in, turned on printer, saw no jam message and successfully printed a page. Sure looks like the problem is gone! I'll appreciate your sending info about a local HP place in case I need one on the future, but we are successfully done no. Thanks so very, very, very much.

I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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