Chris Wolker
Chris Wolker
Tech Expert & Writer
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Chris Wolker

Tech Expert & Writer
The University of Utah
  • Software troubleshooting
  • iOS and Android devices
  • Laptops
  • Gadgets
  • Smartphones
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Chris Wolker | Tech Expert & Writer | 34 years | Salt Lake City, UT

Like what you do, and do what you like – that’s just about me because working as a Howly troubleshooter gives me the precious chance to help others.
I know, that people in trouble need immediate solutions. So my main priorities are swiftness and accuracy — all to provide you with the most pleasant problem-solving experience.

About Expert

My youth and maturity coincided with the period of steep technological development when you could literally feel yourself a part of a tech revolution. But I didn’t want to stay aside – I wanted to participate. So I became part of the tech sphere.
Before Howly, I worked as a tech support in numeric companies. So I can state that my experience is truly many-sided and rich. However, the technological knowledge base is just endless, so I never stop studying new things.
At some point, I understood that I could share my experience to make life easier for others. So I became a blog writer. Providing an easy step-by-step guide for some typical situations is often the best way to eliminate people’s stress and help them find easy solutions. Luckily, Howly gives me the ground to reveal all my potential and ambitions. Thank you for that!

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