Updated: March 25, 2023
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I want to know what i have to do to build a healthy long-life battery

I bought an Asus Vivobook a month ago

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
If you bought a new one, there is no need to worry about the life of your battery, because it comes from the factory in excellent condition and can provide different battery life depending on the model. It can always be connected to power supplies, but I recommend charging it till 100% and remove from it till get a 30% charge. This simple step will make your battery life longer
Try not to overheat the device, this will extend the life of all components, including the battery
You can always buy a new battery and remove it by yourself, if you think, that battery ends much faster than the new one
Li-poly batteries have their own life cycles and it took at least one year to see much difference between old the new batteries. Just don't make the battery feel less than 30% and it will have long life)
If you specify your notebook model I will give more detailed advice

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i'm searching for the details of the laptop

You can see model name at the back side of notebook

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Vivobook KS6502HE


Thats it, thanks

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I have on the battery saver

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Do you want to turn on battery save mode on notebook?

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i did it
the battery saver is on
i guess now is not gonna let the battery go lower than 35% as you said is the best

Yes, because li-poly battery don`t like deep discharge

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what is li-poly?

This is type of a battery, that are using in notebooks

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vivo book or note book is the same no?

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Yes, vivo book is market name of product that named notebook)

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Li-ion battery life is approximately 300-500 charge cycles and if go lower - it will be fewer cycles and the max capacity

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i understand
thank you for your help

The battery will live longer in power save mode because the system will manage settings to min power consumption
And performance will be decreased a little bit
You are always welcome)

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i'll keep that on all the timp
have a nice evening

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Maybe you have any other question to help?

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and thank yyou again

Thanks, and have a nice evening too
Come back for help at any time

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Please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you. Have a nice one!

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