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Mia Green | Tech Expert & Writer | 30 years | Asheville, NC
Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Mia, and I adore my work as a Tech expert at Howly!
I know that the best solutions are provided immediately. That is what I strive to do each day. So, my chat can be the coziest place for those who prefer to get step-by-step clues in just a few moments. Does it sound like you?


My father was an engineer, and my mother worked as a physician. As you can guess, I’ve always been attached to some tech knowledge. We had many technological devices in our house, and exploring them was my main hobby.
So everyone supported me when I decided to start my studies as a software engineer. However, my university years turned out differently than I thought they would. It was because I always knew I wanted to be helpful, not just sit somewhere there typing some code lines. But how to combine both tech and help? The best solution is to become a Howly employee!
I’m always happy to see any of you in my chat. But I also work hard to help you with your issues even before you contact me. How so? I write a lot of tech articles and essays you can use on a daily basis. As I said, helping others is my vocation and the main thing I hope I’ll never stop doing.

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