I just bought a new Apple MacBook and have transferred all programs,etc from my old Mac. However,I cannot open my Microsoft Wood docs or Excel spreadsheets. the message says the doc or spreadsheet has been deleted or is not currently accessible. The docs have NOT been deleted and my Microsoft 365 is current and updated. What is the problem?

Expert: Daniel Moore

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Daniel Moore (Expert): Hello, thank you for contacting Howly! I am here to help you today! May I know your first name, please?

Customer: *****

Daniel Moore: Nice to meet you, *****!

Customer: Thank you. FYI…. I used Apple’s Migration Assistant to transfer my data from old Mac to new Mac 

Daniel Moore: Are you trying to open the documents stored online? 

Customer: Yes. They show up as normal in Word and Excell, but when I click to open I get the message I sent above. 

Daniel Moore: Could you please try restarting your MacBook? 

Customer: Okay. I tried that yesterday to no avail. If I do it again now, I’ll lose you, right? 

Daniel Moore: Yes. 
Daniel Moore: You can save this chat as a bookmark in your browser, or copy the link in your address bar and paste it to any place you’d like. 
Daniel Moore: For your convenience, here’s the link – https://app.ask-crew.com/chat 

Customer: I just saved this in bookmarks. Should I shut down now? 

Daniel Moore: Yes 🙂 

Customer: okay. hold on…. 
Customer: Here I am. The message is the same when I try to open a doc. It has been deleted or is not currently accessible

Daniel Moore: Is it an online file or you’ve dowloaded it? 

Customer: I created all the docs on my old Mac from a blank document 

Daniel Moore: How have you transferred it on the new Mac? 

Customer: Yes. I transferred Microsoft via Apple’s Migration Assistant…..That’s the problem. Everything in Word and Excel looks normal, but I can’t open the docs or spreadsheets on the new Mac. 

Daniel Moore: Please check your trash folder 

Customer: The docs and Excel functioned fine on my old Mac. I’m now writing to you on my new Mac, 

Daniel Moore: Maybe it was put there 

Customer: Okay. Hold, on…. None of these docs that are sitting normally in Word or Excel are now in the trash. 

Daniel Moore: Please recover them 

Customer: What? I don’t want any of the docs in the trash. I put them there purposely because they are trash. The ones I want to open are NOT trash 

Daniel Moore: Let’s try to recover all of the trash docs 
Daniel Moore: And then 
Daniel Moore: Check if you could open the ones you want 

Customer: okay 

Daniel Moore: Sure 

Customer: I’ve highlighted all the trash docs. How do I recover them to Word? 

Daniel Moore: Right-click on the files and choose “Put it back” 

Customer: okay 

Daniel Moore: Thanks 

Customer: Okay….while trying to do that, I see that all the Word docs in in my Downloads files. Now what? 
Customer: And I can open them from Downloads. 

Daniel Moore: Try to open them 

Customer: I can open all of them and the Excel sheets. 

Daniel Moore: Can you open the ones you need? 

Customer: Yes. How do I get them back to my Microsoft Apps? 

Daniel Moore: You can open your Excel or Word and the click: File – Open – and choose the files you need 

Customer: Okay. Hold on…. Should I go to downloads first? Or Word First? 

Daniel Moore: Word 
Daniel Moore: Then you open Word click File and open the file you need 

Customer: Okay….. 

Daniel Moore: Ok 

Customer: I don’t understand. I can open the docs from Downloads but when I say “save” it says saved to my Mac, but I still can’t open the same doc from Word. 

Daniel Moore: When you open the files from downloads, do they open in Word? 

Customer: Oh, I see…. I went to Word and from File, I selected Open Recent and then clicked on the file and it opened! Is that the way to access all docs and sheets now, rather than clicking on the doc in the screen line-up? 

Daniel Moore: Double click on the file 
Daniel Moore: And it will open 

Customer: Okay…. hold on one more time 🙂 

Daniel Moore: Sure :^) 

Customer: Hmmmm….. it looks like the only way I can open a file or sheet is from File/Open Recent. But that will work for now! And I can edit the docs and sheets, so that is good. 

Daniel Moore: I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved! 

Customer: Thank you for your help! 

Daniel Moore: Please feel free to contact us at any time. We’ll be happy to help you.