Updated: June 19, 2023
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I have iPhone and watch as a friend does, can where I am be traced Without my Approval?

Short summary:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.
  2. Check the Share My Location tab and ensure it is toggled off.
  3. If there are no people listed in the Friends or Family list in the Find My tab, it means others cannot track your location.
  4. By default, your location cannot be tracked unless you explicitly enable it in settings.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
As of now, legally the only services who are able to track your location without your permission are governmental services, such as police, since they have access to databases that regular people do not, and it is only used in emergencies.
Do you have a suspicion someone might be tracking your location, sir?

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possible, so; no one with an I phone and watch cannot tract me, unless; government- is that correct? I cannot be stalked, by iPhone?


I see. Since you have an iPhone, do you use any apps to track location? Many people use features such as Find My iPhone and such to track their loved ones' location, as a safety precaution.

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Want to be sure my location cannot be found out by a former relationship?
it has that tract location,
can an ex girlfriend find my location?
without my consent?

If you used a similar application or feature previously, it is possible. But you can adjust the settings and disable it.

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how do I disable?

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Have you used any tracking application or features previously? Meaning, you enabled the permission before?

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never enabled, saw on phone they you could use it.

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Got you. We can verify it for sure by a few simple steps, sir.
On your iPhone, go to Settings >Privacy & Security > Location Services.
Then, choose Share My Location tab.

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So only can be used if I enable - correct?

You then should be able to see, if there are any people that show up in the Friends or Family list below, then these people can see track your location.
But once again, it should only show up if you've enabled it previously. Try to check that feature to be 100% sure.

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It is off, hence cannot be tracked correct?

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That's right, sir.

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once again, if turned off cannot be tracked correct?
can you tract me ?

iPhones and Apple devices in general have taken great measures so that their user's privacy and safety are protected. So only if you enable that feature are you granting access to location sharing.

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ooh ok, so even you cannot tract me- correct

No, I can't track your location, since you did not grant permission for it and frankly, considering that you are our customer, that would be inappropriate even if you did agree to it :)

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in closing. I can only be tracked if I allow in settings, correct?
do I have my location on off then?

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That is correct, yes.

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so I am on off correct?

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You can still have your location as on for different apps and such, but it does not mean that a random person can track your location.
In the "Find My" tab we've found earlier, you should only make sure there are no people listed in the "Friends" or "Family" list. That means other people can not see your location.

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thanks, you helped me good!
thank you! A+
great service

Just make sure that Share My Location option is toggled to off :)

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got it

Thank you, *****! I appreciate your kind words :)

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