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Lviv State University of Internal Affairs


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Dan Kashnytskyi | Tech Expert & Writer | Lviv, UA
Hello, I’m Dan. Let me introduce myself.
First of all, I’m proud of being a self-made tech expert. But to be a tech guru, you need more than just excellent knowledge of the subject. It’s also about getting along with people and being able to answer their trickiest questions. That is what I try to master each day.


As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in technology. And I’ve been working with it since I was 11, and I got my first PC. Yes, you got it right! I tried to launch the needed programs myself, and I usually succeeded.
I was the only person in my family who could deal with technology, so I had to study it independently. And this is what I did. Technological challenges were always my best leisure. What’s notable, I never sought somebody’s assistance but always tried to solve any concern on my one. It is how I became a self-made professional in Electronics technologies.
By now, I have received a lot of experience in gaming, PC set-up, fixing Windows issues, working with Photoshop and other software. But what is more – I never stop studying. Give me a tech puzzle, and I’ll search as many resources as needed to fix it. By the way, you can also test my knowledge in the chat :)

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