Updated: April 13, 2023
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by Dmytro Sywyi
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Hi, I'm having trouble transferring photos and videos from my iphone to my notebook

A task that should be easy but for some reason my iphone doesn't allow it but my partners doesrt

Hello! My name is Dmytro and I will be assisting you today. May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Does your laptop recognize your phone?

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I don't think it does no
I can't work out why

What exactly happens?
Do you receive any error message?

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When I plug in my phone it asks to allow access which I do, then an error comes up saying it can't transfer the photos or videos, I click "help" but we go round and round in circles and resolve nothing, when I plug in my parnters phone  it has no problem transfering photos
I've considered sending all my videos and photos to my partners phone but it doesn't have as much memory as mine


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Do you have a Windows computer?

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Do you have iCloud Photos turned on?

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I think so
on my computer or my phone?
I'm sorry I'm not very tech savy at all

On your phone
It's okay, no worries!

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would you mind telling me how to find out please?

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- Go to Photo App on your phone --> Settings

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Select 'Download and Keep Originals'
Change Photo app setting for 'Transfer to Mac or PC' to 'Keep Originals'

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ok done that

Do you have iTunes installed on your computer?

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I think so...
no I can't find it so maybe not

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Got it
You can download iTunes for Windows here --> https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210384
Let me know once it's done.

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ok it's downloading now

Please install iTunes once downloaded

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ok done that

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable
  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • If prompted, tap Trust This Computer on the iPhone
  • On your PC, open the Photos app
  • Select Import > From a USB Device
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select and save your photos
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ok it looks like it's working! :)

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once I've transfered them, I'd like to make it into a video then transfer that onto a usb is that doable and traight forward?
or I may need your help again later hahaha

Sure, It's doable. You'll need software for creating videos.

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yup I'm pretty sure I downloaded that earlier

If you tell me what software you have, I'll be happy to help you create a video.

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thank you so much, let me transfer these files over first and then I'll see how I go

Sure, take your time!

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ok it looks like I just have oneDrive, is that ok?

Sorry, what do you want to use it for?

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We went to the KISS concert the other night, I took some videos on my phone, I would like to make just one long video to play
16 videos in total, some only a couple of minutes long but there is some that are 12 and 10 minutes long

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of course!

You should have free Slideshow Maker & Video Editor on your Windows computer.
Click the Start or Windows button  and search for it.

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ok awesome thank you so much!

Happy to help!
Have you transferred all your photos?

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yes I'm making the video now, I'm hoping to transfer it to a usb and then play it on my tv
wish me luck!

Sure, good luck!
If you face any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

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