Dmytro Sywyi

Tech Expert & Writer

30 years

Lutsk, Ukraine

Favorite categories: Smartphones, Electronics.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Dmytro. I’m a tech expert and shift lead at Howly.

From childhood, I was a big fan of technology. As soon as I got my first device (a cheap game console), I realized that technologies magic available in the real world.

Later I got my first PC, which was nearly 10 years out of date at that time. That meant that I needed to understand the system on the level of an experienced user to be able to do something on it.

Friends, relatives, and even people I hardly knew asked me to help them resolve their problems with computers and other devices. So I became the leading tech expert on my street when I was just 12 years old. 🙂

However, technology was only a hobby for me. For my further development, I chose a more common career path. After school, I entered the East European National University to become a translator. There I studied English and 6 years later turned into a qualified specialist.

After graduation, I tried many different jobs, but my heart still belonged to technology. Therefore, I started learning system administration, obtained certification, and quickly found my first job in technical support.

That’s how I began to help people solve various technical issues… Oh, wait. That’s how I began to help people solve various technical issues AGAIN. Like I did when I was 12. And this job made me feel happy and fulfilled.

Constant work with people developed my empathy and ability to understand customers’ problems from the first chat message.

For 6 years of work in this field, I also mastered my technical skills. Today I’m a certified specialist in macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS administration. And, of course, I deepened my knowledge of how to create excellent service.

Now I assist Howly customers in resolving a wide range of complicated technical issues, help experts make our service better, and create helpful guidelines and instructions for our website guests.