Updated: April 03, 2023
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Got a brand new GoPro Hero10 black

I can’t charge it GoPro shows me red light but don't charging

Hello, thank you for contacting Howly! I am here to help you today! May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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Nice to meet you too!

Can you please explain the issue in detail?

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Yesterday i got me new gopro i put it on charge but after all day batteri is still 1%

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Have you checked if the charging cable and power supply are working correctly?

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Yes im charging with this cable me Dji dron
and working!
On gopro showes me red light but dont charging

Ok, I see
Can you take me a photo of your power supply specs?
Voltage, Amps, etc.?

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U can’t see much hard to take good foto everything is black

Can you text me here an output Voltage and Amperage?

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Output 5v—A

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Does any number come with 'A'?

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Try look at this maybe better
Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 2723897

Use a different power supply.
This one is not giving enough power to charge your camera.
Should be at least 5V - 2A
Or higher.
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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I have unput 5v-2.4A its that good?

Yes, that should do the trick.

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Thank you sir
that all!

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Try it now, and text me if in 1 hour it won't charge, alright?
No problem at all, *****.

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Okay i text you! See ya soon

I'll be here

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Hey its working thanks for ur service!

You are welcome, *****!

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