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  • 5G and other cutting-edge tech
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Alex Kamennyi | Tech Expert & Writer | 29 years | Kyiv, Ukraine

Hello! My name is Alex, and I am a tech expert, analyst, and consultant.

My favorite cases are always the most challenging ones, and I boldly state that I can solve any of them, even those that seem the most tangled. It’s all because I never stop with what I know but keep learning and talking to other tech gurus to boost my knowledge.


When I was little, I could spend hours watching my favorite “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” cartoon or reading out new magazines about technology while my peers were playing ball outside the window. I first became closely acquainted with technology when I was 13 – my parents presented me with a computer. Instead of installing games on it, I took a screwdriver and removed the PC case. Then I closely examined the insides and details. They were so new and so interesting! This moment awakened in me a strong desire to know everything about technology and understand how it works.

I graduated from National Aviation University, where I studied Computer Engineering.

Since I always enjoyed solving other people’s problems (because it makes me feel like I’m doing something that really matters), I started my career at Technical Customer Support. Working in this position, I perfectly developed my technical skills and was quickly promoted to the head of the team.

A couple of years ago, I expanded my experience with a new position – a technical analyst and consultant. People turn to me with various technical requests, and I give them practical advice. Now I’m closely cooperating with Howly. I’m here to share my knowledge with both customers and readers of this website.

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