Updated: April 02, 2023
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Can I fix my magnetic cord after it got stuck to another metal item?

The tip was in the phone at the rime

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Do you see any damage on the cord?


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It's fairly new. Only a couple weeks

It is a charging cord, right?

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When I unplugged the phone, the cord attached to another piece of metal.
It was a metal table keg

Did you unattached it already? Did you try it with your phone and it is not working?

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I keep the tip in the phone

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Once in a while, it'll lose the connection and the battery will start to lose power
I have to move the cord around to get the connection back
Can I fix the cord end

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Well, you can unplug the cord from your phone and leave it for now, then try to attach the cord
Once its okay, plug the cord back in to your phone, see if it is charging
Is it's not working, you should take the cord to the repair service because such kind of work should be done by a professional only. Or you can replace the cord with a new one

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It works. It just loses its connection every so often

It means it was damaged, in this case, the professional should check it. It most likely should be taken apart and checked inside

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While it's connected to the phone. Do you understand what I'm saying. I have difficulty explaining some things, lol

*****, you are able to unplug the phone, correct?

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I keep the tip in the phone so I don't end up losing it

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If your phone loses connection with the charging cord, it's not plugged in properly or the cord is not working correctly.
You cannot fix the issue without unplugging the phone and removing the cord that is stuck in the table leg.

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I think I got it now.

Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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No I don't
Thank you

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