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VPN Undetection
Dmytro Sywyi
Dmytro Sywyi
Tech Expert & Writer
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I had an unfortunate incident today
A person talked me into giving him access to my computer, which is on the wifi and he locked up the computer. I got him to unlock it and nothing really happened. He thought I was going to transfer money to him, but I didn't. Now, I am worried about him gaining access to my devices through my modem/router which is an AC1900 Cable moden router
Judi Perez
Judi Perez
Tech Expert & Writer
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No internet access
Anton Hrytsaienko
Anton Hrytsaienko
Tech Expert & Writer
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I just paid my boost mobile bill but my phone still won’t let me call out
Judi Perez
Judi Perez
Tech Expert & Writer
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Spectrum is not letting me access my voice mailbox, which is overflowing
It says the issue may be cookies
Ivy Davis
Ivy Davis
Tech Expert & Writer
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Can’nt seem to transfer old phone number to new phone!
Samanta Jones
Samanta Jones
Tech Expert & Writer
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Can not remember password for SpectrumSetup-OA
Bridget Stivenson
Bridget Stivenson
Tech Expert & Writer
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My cell phone is not allowing calls in or out
When I try to call.. I get"call failed"
Bridget Stivenson
Bridget Stivenson
Tech Expert & Writer
Chat with an expert
How do I unlock my at&t sim card
Anna Chernetska
Anna Chernetska
Tech Expert & Writer

Quick network fixes from Howly experts

Modern life is impossible without the Internet. We use this ingenious invention of mankind to keep in touch with friends and family, work, watch movies, download games, read books, get the news, and more. And when you face network problems, you seem to fall out of life without being able to enjoy all the delights of modern civilization. Howly will tell you what causes connectivity failures and give clear instructions on how to fix your problem.

Be sure, Howly will solve any Internet problems! This is an easy task for our specialists. After all, each of our experts has a wealth of experience in fixing computer and network glitches of any complexity. Moreover, you have a unique opportunity to get remote assistance from top professionals who have passed the 4-step verification and proved their skills. Techno geeks are waiting for your questions. Contact us whenever you wish, 24/7!

Get consultations from the top experts 24/7

On Howly, you can chat with experts about network problems and solutions round the clock. We’ve gathered the best specialists who have superpowers to make your network problems solved. Here you can always find someone ready to assist.

Describe what issues with a network you’ve faced, and let us connect you to a professional who can consult you. Then talk to a network repair expert until your problem is solved.

People who assist you
People who assist you

People who assist you

We are confident that our experts are the best professionals you can meet on the web. They are top economists, beauty consultants, electronic engineers, and other specialists who have real superpowers to solve problems at a distance. Everyone who chats with you on Howly has successfully passed our 4-step verification and proven their competence. Now they are here to provide you with real expert answers and working solutions.

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We vouch for every specialist who consults on our platform. We interview each person who wants to give expert advice on Howly, check their license, and test their hard & soft skills.

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Our experts work very fast. Here you can get expert answers in just a few minutes at any time of the day and night. We are always on the line.

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We understand how annoying and time-wasting the process of choosing a competent expert is. That’s why we do it instead of you. Our Customer Care specialists examine your case and connect you with an expert who can assist you best.

Trusted & Secured

Types of network problems to fix with Howly

You’ve probably experienced network issues at least once in your life. Such problems are familiar to everyone. Moreover, there are many types of Internet glitches that can occur no matter what device you use – phone, laptop, or desktop computer. And their essence is the same – the inability to get online. So what issues can Howly solve? Meet the list of network problems our experts fix almost every day.

  1. “No signal” errors;
  2. Unstable Internet;
  3. Wireless network failures;
  4. Internet drops out after using VPN;
  5. Inability to connect to the network;
  6. Cable Internet connection isn’t working;
  7. Buggy router;
  8. High traffic consumption issues;
  9. Low Internet speed;
  10. Problems with DNS servers.

Feel free to ask Howly for help, even if you have any other problems. We’ll fix your Internet connection as quickly as possible!

Common network problems and solutions

In case an unstable connection is just a one-time glitch, you can blame it on bad weather conditions or technical problems with the provider. But when failures occur regularly, this is a reason to be vigilant. Indeed, if you fail to fix the problem right away, the Internet may disappear at the most inopportune moment. Since most network errors have quick solutions, you can easily produce the necessary repairs right at home. And Howly is always happy to help you. Therefore, you may find an answer to your question among the following common network issues and solutions to them.

What should I do if I lose the Internet connection every time I turn on VPN?

The below-mentioned steps may help you fix this annoying network problem:

  • Update the software of your VPN app.
  • Try connecting to another VPN server.
  • Flush the DNS cache by going to the Windows command prompt and writing flushdns/ipconfig.
  • Try changing your VPN client’s data transfer protocol from TCP to UDP or vice versa.
  • Disable your antivirus program.
  • Deactivate the proxy server in your browser settings.

My cable Internet isn’t working. What to do?

You may also see an “Identification” or “Unidentified Network” message in the network settings on your Windows computer. Most likely, the reason why you don’t have access to cable Internet lies in the missing IP address. To fix the problem, open the “Network and Sharing Center” and enter the “Change adapter settings” tab. Next, right-click on the LAN connection icon and open properties. Click on “Internet Protocol version 4” and check the boxes to detect the IP and DNS addresses automatically. After that, unplug the Internet cable and plug it in again. If there is no result, enter the IP and DNS manually. You may find the required configurations in the subscriber registration card from your provider.

My Internet is too slow. Is there anything I can do?

There is a number of effective tips to boost your Internet connection speed:

  • Install another browser.
  • Disable Torrent, as when such utilities are running, the connection speed drops significantly.
  • Restart your router/modem.
  • Reset your router settings.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Try a cable connection.
  • Close all running programs.
  • Perform the internal cleaning of your device.

How to solve network connectivity problems in minutes

You have two options for troubleshooting your network connectivity problem. The first is to spend hours sorting out the issue yourself. And the second is to spend a couple of minutes telling Howly experts about your case and get an instant solution to the problem. No wonder so many people prefer the latter option. After all, our expert solutions are both fast and effective. More than 10 million users have already entrusted us with the repair of their devices and were satisfied with the result. Contact Howly – and we’ll make your life easier!

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