Get Help With Smart Home Security Issues from Howly Team

A smart home is a whole system of home devices that are aimed at improving your comfort and getting rid of minor household chores. But what if the system crashes? Unfortunately, some smart home security issues are quite possible, and not always the problem considered insignificant and easily resolved. Even cybersecurity companies admit that their software has serious vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit at any time. However, this risk is not a significant reason to abandon the smart home system.

If you need help with smart home security, Howly’s experts are ready to provide you with helpful advice. The secret of their professionalism is simple – the daily improvement of theoretical knowledge in practice and the development of new tech trends. Their goal is to help you solve the problem from anywhere in the world and at any time. Have an issue with your smart home at 1 AM? Contact our expert online and get not just an explanation of what happened but also an actionable solution. How is it possible? Check out this little guide – and you’ll understand how.

Find Any Vulnerability of Smart Homes

According to the latest forecasts, the number of smart homes will increase significantly in the coming years due to the ability to control smart home security remotely through an Internet connection. Protecting your property from theft, damage, or accident makes it possible. But as you understand, the system stores your personal information, and scammers can steal it over the network.

Our experts often find that people seek help under very strange circumstances, such as the TV turning on itself or the door sometimes unlocking. An experienced consultant will be able to identify a common malfunction from a smart home hacker attack and take action in time. The main goal of the Howly team is not only to solve the problem you submitted but also to find the cause and other possible vulnerabilities.

Common Attacks to Smart Home Security Howly Can Prevent

Depending on the device and communication protocol, there are different methods of attacking devices, and they can lead to smart home security problems:

  • Unsecured IoT devices generate data and give attackers ample opportunity to attack personal information. Subsequently, it can lead to identity theft and fraudulent transactions.
  • The attacker manipulates the device, spoofing the communication between the two parties, and can take control of other devices or even the entire network.
  • A temporary or indefinite service interruption causes a device or network resource to be unavailable to designated users.
  • A flashing attack severely damages hardware to the point where it needs to be replaced.

The Howly team can recognize the signs of an attack in the early stages and provide you with smart home security help. It can significantly reduce the risk of a complete system failure. Of course, you should not look for a hacker intrusion in every breakdown, but even a minor vulnerability can make access to unwanted persons more tangible.

Why Should You Search for Smart Home Security Help from ​​a Specialist?

You can assume you know the solutions to a particular problem with the system. But sometimes, doing it yourself can only worsen things, and you may need to replace the system with a new one. Turning to an experienced specialist for help in time will save you money, time, and your nerves. We value our customers and care about our reputation. Therefore, if you need a specialist who understands smart home security issues, we will provide it to you.

Look through the frequently asked questions from our customers.

Can you help with video doorbell issues?

If you decide to install this system, you understand all its advantages. You will see everyone who comes to your home from your phone. The system works wirelessly and connects to the doorbell. Of course, where you buy it, there are installers, but the queue can be quite long. And to avoid wasting time waiting, you can connect the device yourself. There is nothing complicated in this, especially under the guidance of clear instructions from Howly experts. Also, if you have any problems, such as video lag, the specialist will be able to suggest how to fix them.

Can you fix my Wi-Fi camera at a distance?

Wi-Fi cameras connected to a router are among the most popular smart home features. Thanks to them, you can monitor what is happening on your territory from anywhere in the world. Their installation does not take much time, and Howly experts can resolve practically any problem with these devices remotely in case of a breakdown. If you are in another city or country and notice some oddity with your cameras, you do not have to disrupt your trip and rush to solve the problem. By contacting us, you will get help in seconds.

Fixing Smart Home Security Online Is Always A Good Idea

If you call the master, they may not come immediately, only after a day or weeks. However, an online consultation will not keep you waiting long and will help you resolve any problem immediately after it is discovered – especially on Howly. We are always waiting for new issues to resolve!